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Archive for April 18th, 2012

Finally: Proof The Good Guys Can Win – Reading FC Promotion

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

I meet a lot of people in business, and many of them I choose only to meet the once. You must know the type: ones who only want to talk about their business, or about how you can help them with their business, or ones who will do whatever it takes to sell their below par service or product simply to make some money.

I also read a lot of books, from Richard Branson to Gerald Ratner (very informative), and other business growth books. Some business leaders suggest you have to be aggressive to win, in fact most of them do. However, I like to sleep at night and have to believe in what I sell. I know other people who feel the same way. We often discuss whether this stops us being more successful, and perhaps we should be more aggressive or ruthless, but it is just not me. I am not saying I am perfect, I have my flaws and make mistakes just like everyone else, but by and large I try and do things for the right reason. This is not just about making money, but about providing a good service or good advice. Nothing pleases me more than receiving an unsolicited email from one of my Marketing4Solicitors members who has tried one of my suggestions and seen instant results. Or someone on my free legal marketing tips email list who has done the same.

So I was delighted last night when seemingly the nicest, most genuine manager in English Football at the moment, Brian McDermott, won promotion for Reading Football Club from the Championship to the Premier League. He always praises his players, congratulates them for giving their all and when they talk about him there is genuine affection. He has created a unique and amazing team spirit within the team which is clear for all to see. When the players were interviewed after winning promotion last night they all mentioned Brian McDermott and the amazing team spirit he has created.

When you think that he has managed to achieve this in such a usually fickle and money orientated sport, it seems to me that you can be a good guy and win big too! Well done Brian and Reading and thanks for the life lesson too!

P.S. I declare my interest as a Reading fan – well done Brian and the whole team – amazing job! :)

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Author: Nick Jervis

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