Google Adwords (Ads) For Law Firms – Why Is It So Successful?

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When it comes to marketing for law firms to attract new clients, not all marketing tactics are created equal. Some are simply more effective (and cost effective) and Google Adwords (Google Ads as it is now known) falls well into this category for law firms. I want to explain why Google Adwords works so well, … Read more

What Stops Most Law Firms From Growing?

Does Gareth Southgate fill the water bottles for his football team? Does Richard Branson make minor changes to his website? Did Steve Jobs sweep the floor of the Apple offices? Does any business owner of a hugely successful business do minor tasks that they could pay someone £10, £15 or £50 an hour to do … Read more

The Minimum Return On Investment From Google Adwords For Solicitors

What is the number? “Nick, I have been spending £10,000 a month on Google Adwords for six months. When should I expect to generate a Return On Investment?” “Six months ago” I answered. Adwords should provide you with a return on investment within the first two months, often the first month. This poor solicitor had … Read more

Solicitors. What Is Your Google Adwords Return On Investment ROI?

I expect, in fact demand, that every solicitor that I work with knows exactly what their Return On Investment (ROI) in Google Adwords is. Which is why when I hear conversations like this, I feel frustrated: “I advertise every week in the local paper and that’s about all that I do” said the solicitor. “What … Read more

Why Not Being Specific With Your Google Adwords Keywords Is Costly

If you are using Google Adwords as part of your law firm marketing mix, this video will show you, with an example from my book, The Law Firm Growth Formula, why not being sufficiently specific with your keywords can cost you a lot of clicks which will not drive business for you. For the full … Read more

When Did You Last Check? Google Adwords Tips For Solicitors

A quick reminder: one of the quickest ways to attract more visitors at less expense to your website using Google Adwords is to constantly rewrite your worst performing Ad in each Adgroup to try and beat the best performer. Why? It leads to a better Click Through Rate which gets you a better Quality Score … Read more