Simple Legal Email Marketing Newsletter Template

Have you started your email marketing database yet? If not, read my article here about starting your legal email marketing database. If you have started, I want to share with you the simple email marketing template that I recommend you use. Remember that the primary purpose of your email newsletter is to keep in touch … Read more

How To Start Your Legal Email Newsletter

If you have decided that sending a regular legal email newsletter is a great idea and one which will increase your referrals and recommendations (which it will) then how should you start it? To answer that question, please let me tell you a story about one of my Marketing4Solicitors members. First, she is lovely. A … Read more

Resurrect the Law Firm ‘client for life’! Solicitors Marketing Tips

Do you remember how it used to be? You had a client and they were usually a client for life. When they needed a solicitor, they just came back to you. They didn’t ring around. They didn’t (couldn’t) Google, they just went back to ‘their solicitor’. Then advertising was allowed, then the internet came along … Read more

Email Marketing For Solicitors and Lawyers

Email Newsletters Are Great For Keeping In Touch and Generating New Instructions! On numerous occasions I have stressed the importance of staying in touch with clients and prospects. Quite frequently I am told that the reason solicitors do not keep in touch with clients and contacts is two fold: Cost; and Not maintaining an up … Read more

10 Legal Newsletter Names For Solicitors

Which are the best legal newsletter names for solicitors to use? If you have taken the smart and soon to be very well rewarded decision (in the form of new client instructions) to produce a regular legal newsletter for your clients and prospects, what are you going to call it? I am Nick Jervis. I … Read more