Starting A Law Firm | Setting Up A Solicitors Practice

When is the best time to start your law firm? Do you need a High Street presence, or can you operate from home and generate clients from your website? How much marketing budget do you need to start your law firm? If these questions and many, many more are currently running around your head at … Read more

Advice For Marketing A Start Up Law Firm

I was thinking the other day about all of the things that I now know about business that I wish I had known when I started back in 2003. I then thought about all of the start up law firms that I have worked with, and the advice that they should be given from the … Read more

Thinking Of Starting Your Own Law Firm?

I shared a bacon roll with a commercial solicitor at 8am this morning.  I have a lot of time for him, not only because he is a nice person, but because he has made big decisions in his life to ensure that he has a life that he is very happy with. I first heard … Read more

Number Of Law Firms In The UK 2012

Every year the Law Society publishes its survey results detailing the number of law firms still braving the big world legal services world out there. Despite all of the usual doom and gloom, the figure for the survey taken at 31 July 2010 is 10,413, a slight increase on 2009. For my part, this is … Read more

Starting A Law Firm / Setting Up A Law Firm?

If you are thinking of starting up a law firm, should you bother, or is the market already overcrowded? Well, I firmly believe that there are still significant opportunities available for anyone starting a law firm this year. In fact, I receive visitors to my website every day thinking of starting a law firm right … Read more

Starting A Law Firm Checklist UK

The Perfect Marketing Plan/ Checklist For Starting A Law Firm/Solicitors Practice In 12 Months? If you are setting up a law firm, or you have recently started your solicitor’s practice, you are at a distinct advantage to many older law firms. You can find out how to generate clients the right way and put in … Read more