Why Live Chat Is Vital On Solicitors Websites

My sole purpose in working with solicitors is to make their life easier when it comes to attracting new clients. This is why that I consider Live Chat on Solicitors Websites to be absolutely vital, because it delivers more clients to them from their website. The fact that it also does this without any work … Read more

Legal Website Design Costs UK | Law Firm Website Design How Much?

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Best Website Design Companies For Solicitors

Which are the best website design companies for solicitors? This is a look at the website designers who work with solicitors exclusively or carry out website design for law firms regularly. I should add that I am not currently undertaking any website design for solicitors; so this is my impartial review if you are in … Read more

WordPress For Solicitors | WordPress Website Design For Law Firms

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The Hidden Benefits Of Legal Websites

Why Have A Website? Published in the Law Society Inside Track Newsletter March 2005 1. What is your intention with your advertising? 35,309,524 of the UK’s 59,889,407 use the internet (Internet World Stats 3/2/05). Between September and October 2004 the percentage share of the market for broadband (ie always on internet connections) increased from 34.4% … Read more

Law Firm Websites Most Neglected Pages

There is one page on your law firm website which is completely neglected, and yet with a small amount of attention could blossom into a beautiful and important page for you. This page is one of the pages that is nearly always viewed by almost everyone coming to your website, yet I can guarantee that … Read more

How To Make Your Legal Website Generate New Clients

Tip 1 For Making Your Legal Website Generate New Clients Please do not think for a moment that because this is so simple a tip that it does not have value. This one tip alone has changed some of my client’s websites from ‘non-performers’ into ‘client generators’ instantly. So what is it? It is very … Read more