The Fastest Way To Improve A Solicitors Google Adwords Campaign Results

What is the fastest way to improve a Solicitors Google Adwords Campaign Results? How can you make the same spend go further and generate more client instructions?

Let me tell you, based on a conversation that I had with a solicitor recently.

This solicitor wanted to know how they could win more new client instructions.

I have a lot of these calls. They are always highly enjoyable for me, and I believe helpful for the person on the call.

This one was a nice easy one for me because the solicitor I was talking with was already running a Google Adwords campaign (smart move) but it wasn’t quite working as well as they would have liked.

I love this type of call, because I know I can add huge value. Adwords is a bit of a passion of mine – a hobby as well as a service. I just like making it work because I love the results that I can achieve for my clients. Happy Nick + Happy Client = Happy Days!

So, what did I do with this solicitor? Well, with Adwords, there are always three main areas for me to dive into:

  • are the Adwords groups small enough so that the advertisement content is very tightly matched to the keywords being targeted. In other words, if the main keywords are “conveyancing solicitor reading” don’t put “conveyancing lawyer” in the same group – it won’t work);
  • are all of the available Adwords features being used (extensions, split testing ad copy, conversion tracking etc); and most importantly
  • are the landing pages good enough (the pages that the visitor sees when they click on the advertisement and land on the solicitor’s website).

In this case, the landing pages simply weren’t good enough. I could instantly see that most people arriving at this firm’s website would quickly press the back button and leave it as soon as they had arrived.

Landing pages are the perennial leaking bucket when it comes to Google Adwords.

If you keep putting water into a leaking bucket it will never fill up. Likewise, if your landing pages are not good enough, you can send hundreds of visitors to it, but you will never win the volume of new client instructions that you would like.

I often tell people not to use Google Adwords. That is, not to use them until they have improved their website so that it matches my formula – the website design formula that I have spent over £250,000 of my own money on Adwords testing and refining. I had a call with someone last night and advised them not to use Adwords; yet. They need to make their website better.

Landing pages are pretty much the be all and end all when it comes to Google Adwords, which is why it always suprises me that when I take over an Adwords campaign that has been run by a big digital agency that has completely overlooked improving the landing pages. Odd!

I know that I can take over the campaign, make some changes to the landing pages and suddenly make my client’s telephone ring a lot more. Often two or three times more than it was before without spending any more money on Google.

Win win!

Until next time, keep on keeping on!

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