Why Are Some Google Adwords Ads Bigger Than Others For Solicitors?

Have you noticed this? Some are just bigger than others. (titter ye not as Frankie Howerd might say).

Why is this? Why aren’t they all the same size? It’s simply not fair is it?

As my first boss in my first ever law firm always used to say:

“Life isn’t fair Jervis so just stop whittering and get on with it.”

He was right, of course. Life isn’t fair.

It isn’t fair that some people’s advertisements on Google Adwords are twice as big as other peoples. Surely, if an advertisement is twice as big it is going to get twice as many clicks on it leading to twice as much business for the owner of the big advertisement against the owner of the small one, isn’t it?

Yes, it will. Indeed, it does.

The unfairness in this situation is a wonderful thing.

Look at it in action below:

Why Are Some Solicitors Google Adwords Ads Bigger Than Others?

You can see what I mean can’t you. Look at the size of Bond Dickinson’s advertisement versus that of CPS Solicitors! Seven lines for the first advertisement, three lines for the second. One clearly stands out better than the other. The same thing happens again with advertisements three and four. Really moving have a teeny weeny advertisement whereas Injury Lawyers 4 U have a large advertisement (a bad one though in that I have not said I am looking for a personal injury solicitor).

So how do you ensure that you have a bigger advertisement than your competitors?

Two things:

  1. Expanded advertisements; and
  2. Advertisement extensions

When you have both of these in play you have much larger advertisements.

Would you like me to check that your Adwords campaign has these in place and is working as hard as it should be for you?

No cost or obligation. Just let me make life a bit fairer for you.

I will use a piece of software that will allow you to share your screen so I can dive deep into your Adwords campaign to give you some highly valuable insights and show you how to double your enquiries from your advertisements.

Will double your instructions be helpful?

Let’s talk.

Simply download the guide below to discover the main reasons that solicitors spend more than they need to on Google Adwords, and how to spend less to generate double the enquiries for your services. I will also share with you how to set up Google Adwords Optimisation Review with me.

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