Help With Google Adwords For Solicitors?

Paid advertising doesn’t work, you say to yourself.

You had decided that it was about time that you finally tested Google Adwords, or Pay Per Click, to see whether it really was as good as people said.

Google Adwords For Solicitors

You set up your campaign, you spent a few hundred pounds a month for the next few months, even a few thousand pounds, but you didn’t notice any real difference in terms of your telephone ringing, or more importantly, new instructions.

What happened?

Did it just confirm your thoughts that this sort of marketing just isn’t for you, or did you feel that there were some signs of encouragement, but that you just didn’t quite know how you were supposed to do it to make it effective?

The most common reasons that Google Adwords fails are these:

  • Using ‘broad match’ search terms, which means that you attract very lowly qualified traffic, often at a high cost. One legal client spend a few hundred pounds with Adwords one month on people looking for answers for crossword clues because he was using broad match – really!;
  • Failure to send the visitors to the right pages on your website (this is usually the biggest killer); and
  • Having too many keywords in each Ad Group.

Each one of these things when fixed can turn a failing campaign into a winning one.

I recently took over a campaign for a client called Jim, and he had been unsuccessfully running it for nearly 12 months. This is what he said after I had revamped his campaign and got it working nicely:

“I have been using Adwords for a year with no results, but as soon as Nick Jervis took over the campaigns we started getting calls and winning new clients.”

If you have had a similar problem, please don’t give up on Google Adwords for marketing your solicitors practice; instead let me show you where you are going wrong, and perhaps more importantly, how to fix it.

Download my Google Adwords for solicitors guide now to see exactly what you need to do to make this most effective form of marketing for solicitors work for your law firm.

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