Solicitors. What Is Your Google Adwords Return On Investment ROI?

I expect, in fact demand, that every solicitor that I work with knows exactly what their Return On Investment (ROI) in Google Adwords is. Which is why when I hear conversations like this, I feel frustrated:

Solicitors. What Is Your Google Adwords Return On Investment ROI?

“I advertise every week in the local paper and that’s about all that I do” said the solicitor.

“What is your return on investment for this advertising” I asked.

“I don’t really know” was the inevitable response.

One of the reasons that I love Google Adwords as a form of marketing for solicitors is that the answer I received above should never be given to me, certainly not by my Google Adwords clients that is. I expect them to know exactly what their return on investment is (ROI), to the penny.

If they spend £1,000 per month, I want them to know that is putting more money into their bank account than it is taking out. The beauty with Google Adwords is that this is so very easy to do.

You can track conversions inside Adwords, but more importantly, when you receive the telephone calls from prospects you can ask how they found you. As more and more people are now calling to make the first enquiry, because they are browsing on their mobile phones, they will be able to tell you that they just found your website.

If you are using Google Adwords, you can and YOU MUST know your return on investment.

In my next email I am going to share with you the minimum ROI that I expect my clients to hit pretty much as soon as they start using Google Adwords.

It is an important number to know.

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