Why Solicitors Should Spend More Money On Adwords

I mentioned in my last blog post two weeks ago that if you are using Google Adwords to market your law firm and doing it properly, the only question you should ever be asking is “How can I spend more money with Google?”

21 Reasons For Law Firms To Use Google Adwords

I said I would expand on this point – so here I go.

If you are using Google Adwords correctly, you will be making more money than you spend my many multiples.

This is usually at least three times what you spend, often as much as ten times.

So if you are spending £1,000 a month on Adwords and generating £10,000 in fees, the only logical question has to be this, doesn’t it?

“How can I spend £2,000, £3,000 or £5,000?”

I accept that there might be a cash flow issue, but that aside, why wouldn’t you increase your spend?

The good news here is that often when you increase your spend the enquiries for your services actually increase by a bigger proportion than your increased budget.


Usually because most budgets run out on some days. For example, if you have a daily budget of £30 a day and your average cost per click is £1, 30 clicks on any given day means that your advertisements stop showing.

This is a big problem though, as some clients will look at your advertisement and website two or three times before taking action. If your advertisements have stopped showing because your budget has run out, they won’t find you again when they come back, but they will find your competitors.

It is for this reason that I have seen the doubling of an Adwords budget lead to a trebling of enquiries.

Exciting, yes?

I know I was excited, and my client was thrilled. Obviously, as a solicitor, they didn’t jump up and down, but I know inside they were doing just that.

So my question for you is this – can you spend more money on your Adwords campaign?

If you are spending money on Adwords and have not yet read this, you really must read my Google Adwords Whitepaper: Google Adwords Whitepaper

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