Using Negative Keywords For Your Law Firm Adwords Campaign

I am usually such a positive person that this headline “Be more negative for better results” is quite hard for me to write. However, the message is so important that I will fight my natural inclination to change it…

What is wrong with the search results below?

Using Negative Keywords For Your Law Firm Adwords Campaign

Ignoring the first four advertisements, what is wrong with advertisements 5, 6 and 7?

I have searched for information relating to setting up a law firm, yet I am being presented in these positions with solicitors trying to sell their legal services (twice) and an English course for lawyers. This is not what I am looking for, so is highly unlikely to lead to me clicking these advertisements. If I do click, maybe because I am bored and only one step away from looking at fluffy rabbits being nurtured by goats on facebook, then it is a waste of advertising spend.

Ignoring the fact that they are running their Adwords so badly that they are right at the bottom of the page (a complete waste of time), before the first four Adwords ads and 10 organic search listings, what should they be doing that they are not?

Using negative keywords.

Negative keywords stop your advertisements appearing for search terms that include the negative keyword that you know will never lead to a new instruction for you.

For the law firms in positions 5 to 7 who are looking for legal clients not solicitors to join them, I would add negative keywords such as “starting” and “setting up” etc to ensure that I did not waste money on the wrong clicks as they have done in this case.

Negative keywords are one of the most important aspects of a Google Adwords campaign. I have seen solicitors spend thousands of pounds on keywords unrelated to legal services because they used ‘broad match’ search and did not use negative keywords.

Are you making these mistakes?

Find out about these mistakes and many others which might be costing you new instructions every month by downloading my Google Adwords Whitepaper For Solicitors below:

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