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LawKits – Your Ready Made Legal Brochures That Sell Your Services

Legal Business Cards/Brochures That Sell Your Legal Services

In a competitive market it is absolutely vital to retain existing clients, and convince new clients you can help them in many different ways.

Your reception is a key selling area of your practice which is often under utilised. Anyone waiting for an appointment is a captive audience and must know that you can cover all of their legal needs, and do so practically and helpfully. Traditional business brochures set out the extent of your services, but are difficult for clients to retain or relate to. You need to ensure your clients receive practical user friendly guides for different areas of law that you service. The good news is that these guides are now available:- Welcome to Law Kits and goodbye to plain old legal business cards.

Law Kits are a range of practical client friendly guides which your clients will pick up and retain. Business card sized to be kept in purses and wallets and written with real practical and friendly advice, these guides will keep your name in front of your clients and prospects.

Law Kits are designed to ensure your clients cannot fail to notice your range of legal services. Placed in individual holders around your reception area they ensure any waiting clients are never far away from more practical advice. Law Kits use strong message architecture to encourage collection of the full Law Kits set, ie to see all of the legal services you can help your clients with.

Law Kits improve your relationship with your clients building brand loyalty. The more useful information you supply to your clients, the closer to you they become. With every Kit bearing your logo and contact details, your clients are never far away from thinking of you. And because we were practising solicitors too once, we know that time is precious to you. That is why the Law Kits range of legal business cards are professionally written, beautifully designed and ready to go. All you need to do is provide us with your logo and contact details, it is that simple!

So if you would like more work from existing clients without having to worry about how to do it, sign up for Law Kits now and start reaping the rewards that these user friendly guides will bring to your practice!

There are no end to the uses of Law Kits. Not only can they be positioned in reception for your clients to read whilst waiting for an appointment, they make excellent Direct Mail marketing resources. They should be sent to every client at the begginning and conclusion of cases, and placed on fee earners desks to ensure every single cross selling opportunity is used. If you use Law Kits to their full potential, we know you will increase your law firm’s turnover by selling more services to existing clients. So do not wait any longer, take action now, then you can carry on with doing what we know matters to you most, looking after your clients!

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