What Successful Solicitors Do To Grow Their Law Firm

What Is The Difference Between Success And Failure When It Comes To Growing Your Law Firm? One Thing. What Successful Solicitors Do To Grow Their Law Firm Is…

What Successful Solicitors Do To Grow Their Law Firm

I have conversations with solicitors every week. Some of them are clients, some of them are on a More Clients Now strategy call to discover what they need to do to grow their law firm.

It struck me recently that the difference between those being successful in terms of attracting more clients and growing their law firm and those not quite managing to do so came down to one thing.

Just one thing is making the difference between success and failure. I can guess that it won’t be the thing that you think it might be.

It wasn’t that they were using one marketing tactic over another.

It wasn’t that they were spending more money than other solicitors.

And it wasn’t that they had been around for many years so the work just flooded through the door (remember those days?).

It was that they took consistent action to marketing their law firm.

Consistent action doing the right things time and time again to produce the desired results. Day in, day out, they MADE the time (not found the time – you can never find it) to market their law firm. It doesn’t matter what marketing tactic they are doing; it just matters that they are doing it consistently.

Some follow my 30 minutes every single morning before checking emails, social media or any other distracting nonsense, others choose to block a morning or day out. But make time for marketing is what they did – CONSISTENTLY.

Are you making time for marketing?

A Great App
I wanted to let you know about an App I have recently found which is excellent. If, like me, you often have your best ideas when you are away from your desk, but don’t always have a note pad with you, you will love Braintoss. It is free at the moment, but only for a short period of time. It allows you to voice memo, make a note or take a photo of something and then it instantly emails it to you for later action. Perfect! It also allows you to photograph business cards and receipts and turns them into searchable documents.

Here you go: //braintoss.com/

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