Digital Marketing Agency For Law Firms v Legal Marketing Consultant

If you are looking to grow your client base using digital marketing, who will you ask to help you? A digital marketing agency for law firms or a legal marketing consultant. Here are my thoughts.

One Of Your Team Or One Of Many?

If you are working with a legal marketing digital agency, for that business model, it is all about scale. With account managers assigned to deal with 30 or more clients, and those account managers not being experts in digital marketing, but instead experts in collating data from different members of the team, from the content marketing section to Google Ads, you will ultimately be one of many clients for that account manager.

When you work with me as a legal marketing consultant, you get me on your team. I am the decision maker in my business, and I will work with the decision maker in your law firm to agree a plan, work towards it, and run through the numbers each month.

I do not need to and do not look to work with dozens of new law firms every year, as that is not my desire or business model.

Instead, I look to build long term relationships with a small number of clients that endure for years by choice, because I add value to their law firm in a way that most digital marketing agencies for law firms can never do, because you are not working with someone with a legal background.

Legal Marketing Expertise

I have over 30 years of legal marketing expertise. When you work with me, you access that expertise directly.

If we see an opportunity to grow your law firm quickly, we discuss it and then implement it. Unlike when working with an account manager in a legal digital marketing agency, you don’t have to wait for a response when they discuss it with their teams after your conversation, because with my clients, we make decisions instantly on our calls, then immediately update our ongoing Marketing Action Plan to ensure that progress happens, quickly.

It is for this reason that many of my clients grow their law firms so much faster than their competitors.

Extensive Legal Services Business Model Expertise

I used to be a practising solicitor.

I worked inside law firms for 14 years, and have consulted with law firm owners since 2003, so I have a good understanding of the legal services business model.

This means that when you work with this legal marketing consultant, you do not just have your digital marketing taken care of, but I will also work with you on each and every aspect of running your law firm, from tackling recruitment issues to managing the exits of underperformers, improving conversion processes so that more prospects become clients to managing price increases for their services.

There is not an aspect of running or managing a legal services business that I haven’t already covered with my clients.

Lead Generation For Solicitors

I have run my own legal services websites since 2004, spending my own money launching online legal brands and then promoting them using digital marketing.

Conservatively, I have spent £2-3 million promoting these websites; everything that I have learned from my spending to generate legal services enquiries, I share with my consultancy clients.

This is the main reason that I run these brands; so that I can share my own results in promoting them online with my clients to give them the confidence to test different forms of digital marketing for their own websites.

Solicitors Near Me is my main legal services brand at the moment, generating hundreds of leads each month which are shared with my consultancy clients and members of Marketing4Solicitors. For a small monthly sum, members receive free enquiries for their services, as well as extensive marketing training to promote their law firms. Financially, it membership pays for itself many times over.

I believe that this is one of the biggest differentiators when it comes to choosing to work with me as a legal marketing consultant versus working with a law firm digital marketing agency that does not spend their own money on promoting legal services, only their clients.


Ultimately, I hope that it is my results that makes choosing a legal marketing consultant over a legal digital marketing agency, like Richards results from working with a big agency to then working with me:

I’ve been working with Nick Jervis at Samson Consulting for the last 12 months and it’s done wonders for my firm.

I first came across Nick a couple of years before, when I bought a copy of his Law Firm Growth Formula book.

I’ve bought books in the past, but few of them have had an impact like that one did – everything Nick said spoke to me in a way that most marketing advice doesn’t; perhaps because he has an intimate knowledge of the legal world, as well as being a sharp marketing mind.

I booked a call with him to find out more, and then after deliberating for a while, I made the decision to go ahead and work with him.

It was one of the best decisions I could have ever made.

Nick helps me on both a strategic level – identifying opportunities and working out which areas deserve and need focus – and on a tactical level too, running my Google Ads campaigns and helping to run and hone my content marketing strategy, both of which are highly effective at getting me up the search engine results pages.

What Nick does is elevate your thinking, helping you escape from the day-to-day and make good, long-term decisions – to use a legal analogy, a good lawyer will only write you a Will after asking plenty of “What if?” questions, and the result is a Will that actually protects you and your family.

Nick is much the same in the world of marketing – he asks you the difficult questions that – when answered – make your marketing and the results you get from it better.

Since working with Nick, our website performance has increased month on month – more visitors, more enquiries and more sales.

And since Nick took over the Google Ads, he’s saved us money while bringing in more clients.

All in all, it’s been a fantastic decision and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Richard Swaine, Lockings

Next Steps

If you would like a free, no obligation discussion with me please either call me on 0117 290 8555 or complete a Free Online Enquiry and I will be in touch.

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Case Study

I’d always had a retirement date in mind, but before I started working with Nick, I didn’t imagine there was any chance that I’d achieve it

Whether you’re a sole practitioner or a large firm, you’ll get huge value from working with Nick, of that I have no doubt.

It was five years ago that I first came across Nick Jervis, and my only regret is that I didn’t start working with him earlier.

I was a sole practitioner, and for years I’d been advertising in the Yellow Pages and getting decent results.

But as time went on, the response diminished, I was struggling to get as many clients as I needed, and to top it all off, the Yellow Pages still kept pushing the price up.

Eventually, enough was enough – something had to change, otherwise my business was going to be in trouble.

I’d been aware of this guy, Nick Jervis, for a while, and as far as I could tell he was pulling up trees in the solicitor industry with new, sophisticated marketing.

But something had held me back – maybe it was a fear of the new or the unknown.

Whatever it was, I eventually overcame it, hopped on a train to Nailsea, and spent an enthralling day with Nick, where he explained exactly where I was going wrong, and what he’d be doing to fix it.

He certainly wasn’t all talk either, because he went about fixing it with quite some speed.

He got to work constructing a website that would actually convert clients, and then focused on getting me to the top of Google Adwords.

And once he’d done that, the response was spectacular – a few months earlier I’d been scratching around for leads, and now I was getting 3-4 qualified Probate or conveyancing leads direct to my email inbox every single day.

As a result, the turnover increased considerably, and with more breathing space, Nick and I were able to get everything working smoothly.

I was getting more leads, gaining more instructions and making more money than I ever had before.

I’d always had a retirement date in mind, but before I started working with Nick, I didn’t imagine there was any chance that I’d achieve it – the income just wasn’t there.

But with Nick’s help, things changed quickly and significantly, to the point where I was able to reach my retirement date – I’d been at it for 42 years and I decided enough was enough!

Thanks to Nick, I stopped doing Probate and conveyancing, and stepped into semi-retirement as a notary public, which gives me just enough to do to ensure I’m out from beneath my partner’s feet – needless to say, Nick still helps me get work via Google Adwords.

I can’t overstate this enough – Nick changed my life, and for that I will always be grateful. Where I was struggling, Nick stepped in, transformed things and ensured I met my personal and professional goals.

Whether you’re a sole practitioner or a large firm, you’ll get huge value from working with Nick, of that I have no doubt.