Solicitors Already Using Google Adwords

If you are already using Google Adwords, either managing the process yourself or having someone else do this for you, why should you use me?

“Nick, we have had more leads in the one week since you took over our Google Ads campaign from another ‘specialist legal marketing agency’ than in the entire month before.”

Nick Jervis PPC For Law Firms SpecialistThese are the words from one client recently but I have had the same conversation on a number of occasions. There is nothing I love more than taking over an existing Google Ads campaign and making it sing!

I have done it on so many occasions now that I realise my method for running a successful Google Ads campaign is not replicated by any of my competitors.

I believe the reason is simple; I look at the entire prospect journey from their first Google search until they become your paying client and improve every step.

This leads to the results that my client mentions above.

Can I do the same for you too?

Here are the main reasons why I believe I will obtain better results for you, in terms of winning you new clients at the same or less spend with Google.

1. I have done it dozens of times already.

My perfect Adwords client is already spending money with Google and obtaining some results but wants to take it to another level.

I have carried out dozens of reviews of solicitors’ Adwords campaigns and I always find significant opportunities to improve results and generate more clients from the same or less spend.

2. You can judge me by results – no minimum contract.

I genuinely believe that there is no one better at running a solicitors’ Adwords campaign than me, but I know you have no proof of that. Therefore, I share the risk with you. If you ask me to take over your Adwords campaign I will do so with no ‘Set up’ costs and no minimum contact. I share the risk with you. It takes a lot of time to get a campaign up to speed, but I waive my initial ‘set up’ fee to show you that I have complete faith in my ability to deliver for you.

3. I am not just a Google Adwords man; I was a marketing man first

Most Google Adwords agencies were established by people trained to run Google Adwords campaigns. They took a job with a larger agency, learned their skill, and then set up on their own. All of their training relates to Google Adwords.

I started from the position of being a marketing specialist. I understand what makes your prospects tick, how they think, and what will persuade them to contact you to ask about your legal services. I was a marketing man first and then learned my Google Adwords skills.

I know from my past successes that this makes a substantial difference for my clients because I don’t just work on the Adwords campaign, but help them to improve every aspect of their marketing from their website through to the telephone conversations that they have with new prospects.

It is this complete understanding of the clients journey that means I can obtain better results for you.

Ready to discover more?

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