Pay Per Click?

Why Pay Per Click Advertising Can Transform Your Law Firm Marketing?

Find out how Pay Per Click Marketing can radically transform the number of leads coming into your legal practice or other services business.

If there is one area of advertising that I would ask every solicitor to try, it would be Pay Per Click Avertising. This form of marketing is perfect for solicitors because it delivers leads to you whilst you sit at your desk and look after your clients. It even delivers you new client leads whilst you are sleeping. Is there anything better than that? But what is it and how exactly does Pay Per Click Advertising work to deliver you new client leads and instructions?

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Very simply it means that if someone sees your advertisement on Google, and then clicks on it, you then pay a fee to Google for your advertisement. What you have to remember is that there is absolutely no other form of advertising like this anywhere on the planet. Imagine approaching a newspaper and saying that you will only pay them for each telephone call you receive as a result of their advertisement. You can only imagine their response. So Pay Per Click Advertising really is a completely unique form of marketing.

Perhaps it is best to show this by an example. Below is a picture of a search that I have carried out on Google for what I do; namely providing Solicitors Marketing Tips:

First, you will notice my lovely freehand computer drawing skills but I am not a graphic designer so I hope that you can excuse that. The items highlighted in red are all Pay Per Click Advertisements. If someone types in Solicitors Marketing Tips and clicks on any of the advertisements circled in red the website owner will pay Google a sum of money for that click. You will notice below the first three red items on the left hand side of the image that the next three items are all for my website, Samson Consulting. These are all "Free Results", otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing results, and I appear in all three positions because I have spent a lot of time working on my own website. However, I started out using Pay Per Click Advertising because unlike Search Engine Marketing it is instant. So if you instantly want new leads and new client instructions, Pay Per Click Advertising should be your first port of call.

A Common Pay Per Click Misunderstanding..

When I speak with solicitors about Pay Per Click Advertising I am often met with a very common response: "Well I never click on those advertisements on the right hand side of the page so why would anyone else?". First, Google has made most of its billions of pounds worth of profits on the back of people clicking on those advertisements, proof enough that a lot of people do click on them. Second, you will notice that the first items in red on the left are at the top of the page and not on the right hand side. Google used to make it much more obvious that these are advertisements, but they have hugely softened this now by making it look like they are natural search engine marketing results. This is because they are not paid by people like me who manage to get their websites to the top of the organic search engine results. They are only paid by the Pay Per Click advertisers. So it is in Google’s interests to promote these results better, and in your best interests to make sure that you are using Pay Per Click Advertising to produce new leads and instructions for your practice. If you have never tried Pay Per Click Advertising, you are missing massive opportunities for new instructions. If you have tried it yourself but could not make it work, I am fairly confident that we could make it work for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

The most important point to remember here is that with Pay Per Click Advertising you only pay anything if someone clicks on your advertisement. The next most important thing to remember is that you can cap the amount of money you spend with Google. You can decide to spend no more than £10 per day or no more than £30 per day; it is completely up to you. Once you agree the maximum amount you would like to spend on Google Pay Per Click Advertising, you will not spend more than that amount. You may well spend less each day, but never more. You can decide to test it for a month at one level of spend, and at the end of the month assess how much that advertising spend has produced in terms of new profit costs generated. If it is providing you with good returns, you will obviously carry on doing it and even consider increasing your advertising spend. I often find that it provides a return on investment of at least 10 to 1, i.e. for every £1 spent on Google Pay Per Click Advertising you should receive £10 of profit costs, and often very much more than this. I do not know any other form of marketing where you can so very easily make sure that the money you are spending is providing you with such a measurable return on investment like this.

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"When I started receiving Nick’s advice on pay per click advertising, I followed some of it [with a considerable degree of success] but really didn’t think it was necessary to follow it all. Well, not for the 1st time, I have had to eat my words. In the last year or so I have mended my ways and now follow Nick’s advice to the letter. The statistics speak for themselves.

In the period 19/6/10 to 18/7/10 my monthly pay per click campaign cost me £1,831.58 [that’s 735 clicks at an average of £2.49 each]. I thought that was pretty good. However, since taking on all of Nick’s advice, the identical period this year saw a massive improvement in broadly identical campaigns – 1,078 clicks at an average of just £1.64 each, totalling £1,764.77.

So not only have I saved myself over £50 every month, but I also get almost 50% more clicks! That’s what I call a result – well done Nick!"

Tim Bishop, Managing Director, Bonallack And Bishop Solicitors Salisbury

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Case Study

A straightforward approach with a genuine expertise, providing you with a proven plan of exactly what you need to do to grow your firm.

I first stumbled across Nick when searching on Amazon for help growing a firm in the legal sector.

Straight away I was struck by his no-nonsense approach, so after checking out a preview of his book, I bought it on Kindle and started devouring it straight away.

What was immediately apparent was that Nick really does know what he’s talking about, which was hugely refreshing in an industry with plenty of bluffers and chancers.

I found the fact that Nick has actually been there and done it in the legal world very compelling indeed, and after finishing the book, I knew there was plenty he still had to teach me.

I booked a free call, which contained plenty of value, but what became clear is that if I was really going to get Nick’s personalised help to grow my firm, I needed to do it properly, so after speaking to a couple of Nick’s clients to reassure myself I was making the right decision, I took the plunge, and booked the Steady Stream of New Clients meeting.

And I’m so glad I did.

From the moment my wife Rachael and I arrived, Nick put us at complete ease and we quickly built up a strong rapport, and thanks to the pre-meeting preparation put in by all parties, we were able to wring a huge amount of value out of it, because most of the fact-finding had already been completed before the meeting began.

Consequently, the meeting was chockfull of useful, actionable information, and most importantly, that information was grounded on what actually works in the real world – no theory in sight.

When we left Bristol, we were hugely energised and excited; but more than that, we also had clarity, and three days later, things were even clearer, thanks to the report Nick prepared for us detailing exactly what marketing we needed to be doing AND how to make sure that that marketing was actually implemented.

Having used a consultant in the past, my biggest fear was that there’d be a lot of talking around the issues, and a whole lot more questions than answers, but that simply isn’t how Nick works.

Instead, he calls a spade a spade, and fuses that straightforward approach with a genuine expertise, providing you with a proven plan of exactly what you need to do to grow your firm.

If you’re considering booking one of Nick’s Steady Stream of New Clients meetings, I would say, unhesitatingly, that you need to go for it”

Bill Ward, Ward Trademarks

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