Cross Selling Legal Services For Solicitors

If You Are Looking For An IMMEDIATE Boost Of New Client Instructions, one of the easiest methods is to improve cross selling legal services. Cross Selling More Services To Your Existing Clients Is Your Best Place To Look For Results!

If you called me today and asked me to give you some proven strategies for generating more new client instructions quickly and incredibly cost effectively I would immediately say to you “Why not sell more of your services to your existing clients?”

You might react by saying “I am really keen to do this Nick, but it is just too difficult. We have tried and failed before.”

If this is the case, I have something to make this an awful lot easier for you, a pretty much foolproof system.


First let’s look at something which is pivotal to this issue; the only methods you can use to grow your practice.

The ONLY 3 ways to grow your business

There are only three ways that you can grow your legal business:

  1. Recruit new clients (the most expensive option); or
  2. Persuade each client to purchase more each time (often difficult
    with legal services as they may only have one accident, one house
    move or be buying one business at a time); or
  3. Sell more services to your existing clients.

I pick number 3 everytime because it is without doubt the easiest, cheapest and most successful option.

Cross Selling Legal Services
The Cross Selling & Referrals To Toolkit For Solicitors

If you have already persuaded a client to choose you as their solicitor on one occasion, it is so much easier for them to come back and use your services again. However, they will only do this if you ask them to come back to you, make it easy for them and keep asking them to do so.

Would you like 119 ways to persuade your clients to buy more of your services, including a very simple, ‘non salesy’ script for your solicitors to use to easily cross sell more of your legal services?

Would you like 119 proven Cross Selling and Referral Strategies to generate more instructions from your existing clients along with more referrals from current referrers?

Would you finally like to make the whole process of cross selling your legal services as simple as it really should be?


Good. All you need to do to find out more about these 119 methods is to click on the book cover below to download the free brochure (no cost or obligation).

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