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Nick Jervis, Solicitor (non-practising) and author of the Amazon bestseller The Law Firm Growth Formula.

Whether you are redesigning your website, changing your brochures, or rewriting some of your advertisements, the one common problem is “who is going to come up with the content?”. The answer, from experience, is most definitely not to ask your fee earners to do it, as they will be better earning fees for you. However, I understand that finding the right legal copywriter is often not easy, but I can help with that.

When you consider that your fee earners can charge in excess of £200 per hour for their chargeable time and partners a lot more, why would you ask them to copywrite your website or advertisement content for you when you can employ a legal copywriter for a much lower cost? It doesn’t make sense does it, especially when you bear in mind that your legal copywriter probably charges a fraction of the cost of your own lost fee earning time.

Where You Need Legal Copywriter Support

There are a large number of areas where you need legal copywriting help, including:

Why You Should Engage A Legal Copywriter

The benefits of engaging legal copywriting services are manifold:

Legal Copywriters Should Pay For Themselves

I have a saying that I use a lot when talking about marketing legal services:

Marketing Needs Momentum: Perfection Kills Momentum

Solicitors are by their very nature perfectionists, but when it comes to marketing the lifeblood of any successful marketing is momentum. To get results you need to undertake your marketing activities consistently or they have no chance of producing the results that you need.

If you recognise that content marketing is a good strategy for your legal services (which it is for all legal services), then the most important thing is that you create high quality legal content consistently. Not occasionally. You need to add high quality content to your website every week, every month and every year.

If you currently have a blog on your website that regularly brings in new visitors to your site and more importantly, enquiries for your legal services, imagine what would happen if you had 52 of those blogs added every year from this point forwards?

I can tell you what happens because I have clients that do this, they generate substantial volumes of visitors to their websites every month and impressive volumes of enquiries for their services too.

This happens because they outsource their legal copywriting to professional copywriters which means that they receive their new articles on time every time.

To overcome any perfection issues that you might have, my suggested method for ensuring that your content is added to your website consistently, my content marketing plan for you is this:

I have been working with solicitors in my marketing consultancy since 2003, so I know how to put in place systems that ensures their marketing takes place consistently whilst still giving them the control that they like over the promotion of their legal services.

I Have A Team Of Legal Copywriters Ready To Help You

I have a team of legal copywriters across the UK (across the world now so that I can serve all of my clients with their copywriting needs), ready and waiting to help you.

I will put you in touch with them completely free of charge so that you can find the right legal copywriting service provider to help you with your marketing.

I am just a conduit for solicitors and legal copywriters, a matchmaker if you like. It is part of my role in helping law firm owners to grow their law firms.

Simply enter your details into the form below, let me know a little more about your copywriting requirements, and I will ask my legal copywriters to send you some details and examples of their work to date. There is no cost for this service, it is all part of what I do to help my law firm clients.

Legal Copywriting Introduction – Click here now:>>

Are You A Legal Copywriter?

I am always looking for more legal copywriters. If you are a legal copywriter and would like me to introduce you to some new clients, please get in touch with me.

Simply email me on and I will be in touch.

Not only is Nick Jervis a marketing expert, but as a former practising solicitor, he is someone who understands how solicitors work and through his services offers practical marketing advice that the average solicitor has a realistic chance of implementing. He has played a significant part in setting our firm on the path to creating and implementing a successful marketing strategy.

Jerome Dodge, Blanchards Bailey Solicitors

Clever and intelligent without any nonsense.

A very helpful and enlightening service.

Donald Maloney

I used Nick Jervis’ Pastor Advertising Formula and generated 2,500 queries within one week of two newspaper ads!

Paul Doran – Doran Law Solicitors

“I went to see Nick in 2012 when I need to drastically change my publicity strategy generally and my website. He gave me a great deal of very wise advice and as a result my turnover has increased considerably. My website was also revamped and this is now regularly at the top of the Google Adwords site resulting in far more enquiries in a week than I previously had in a month! I cannot thank Nick enough for this and will thoroughly recommend his firm to anyone who enquires.”

Martin Smith, Martin T Smith Solicitor

I have worked with Nick for over a year. As well as being a thoroughly nice person to deal with he is also full of good ideas that work – and which can be implemented without costing the earth.

David Edwards. Burt, Brill & Cardens

Thanks David, you are a top man too – it is a real pleasure to work with you 🙂






What My
Clients Say

“Nick had been advising me to start an email newsletter for ages but I was put off because I wanted to prepare a list of all of my old clients first. I finally took action when he reminded me and said “just start the list today”, so I did.

Nick was right. Within four months I have an email list of 1,000 people and it is growing all of
the time, as are my referrals!”


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