Get More Clients From Your Google Ads Spend For Law Firm Owners

If you are spending any money at all on Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) to generate new clients for your law firm, my free guide is a must read for you.

Guide To PPC For SolicitorsMy “Get more clients from your Google Ads spend” guide for law firms shows you how to improve the core aspects of your Google Ads campaign so that you can deliver more visitors to your website and generate more enquiries for your services.

I have been running Google Ads campaigns since 2004, and it still remains one of THE MOST effective forms of marketing for solicitors.

It firmly sings from my hymn sheet of only doing marketing that brings potential clients to you at the precise moment in time that they are ready to buy your services.

For this reason, Google Ads is often the best and most cost effective method of new client generation for my clients.

However, for many other solicitors, I know that Google Ads can be a huge source of frustration and a huge drain on finances.

How do I know this?

Well, I am frequently asked to review solicitors Google Ads campaigns because they are just not producing the required results, in other words, delivering more clients.

So I delve into these campaigns and look to see what is happening/what is going wrong.

Guess what?

In nearly every occasion the same mistakes are being made.

Once these mistakes are fixed, I know that the solicitor will be able to spend less money at the same time as generating MORE clients!

I have identified 7 common mistakes that are made with Google Ads and I show you how to fix them so you can make your Google Ads budget go further.

For the detailed guide on these 7 mistakes and how to fix them, simply click the button below:

Get More Clients From Your Google Ads Spend. Click here to receive your free guide:>>

What Is Included In This Guide?

Here is what you will discover:

  • How to improve your landing pages to generate more enquiries from your existing Google Ads spend.
  • How much you need to spend to pass the Google Ads tipping point which almost always guarantees success.
  • How to save money on clicks which will never generate new clients.
  • The small changes that can dramatically improve your Click Through Rates.
  • How to ensure that your mobile visitors from Google Ads work as hard as possible to generate clients for you.

Why Is This Guide Free?

Whilst I love Google Ads because it makes so many of my clients’ businesses so much more profitable, I don’t like to see wasted marketing budget.

Therefore, I offer this guide free so that you can read it, understand where you or your current legal marketing agency are going wrong, and start to fix these problems.

Some may ask me to review their campaign live with them (which is offered as part of the guide) and some of those solicitors might ask me to take over their campaign. These parts are all optional but the key part for me is that I have stopped wastage of marketing spend for some solicitors.

The “Generate More Clients From Your Google Ads Spend guide is yours immediately as soon as you click the button and enter your details below:

Get More Clients From Your Google Ads Spend. Click here to receive your free guide:>>

If you are spending any money at all on Google Ads, you really must see this guide.

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