Legal Marketing Consultant

Are you really ready to grow your practice? Are you committed to making this happen? Have you decided that now is the time to either get your law firm growth back on track, or fast track it to success? Would you like a legal marketing consultant, a former solicitor who has been marketing law firms full time since 2003, on your side?

Legal Marketing Consultant
Nick Jervis, Solicitor (non-practising) & Author Of The Law Firm Growth Formula (An Amazon Best Seller).

I am Nick Jervis. I am a legal marketing consultant and I work with solicitors who are serious about growing their law firms. If you are in this position, I guarantee that I can ensure your success; quickly.

I Was In The Same Position As You…

I worked in private practice for 14 years and for most of that time, barring a short period inside a large law firm I was in charge of the marketing for the law firms I worked with as well as managing a full case load.

I understand the pressures of marketing a law firm at the same time as trying to either manage one, or run a full caseload. I know that sometimes it is not easy!

From time to time whilst I was in private practice I would invite a legal marketing consultant in to my firm to see if I was missing anything. They would usually visit, spend a day or two with me, charge a fortune and then prepare a precedent report of 100 pages or so and go away. Aside from a sour taste in my mouth, they left me with no new information and nothing I could do to change things for the better.

I realised that I could do a much better job, charge a lot less and add a lot more value. I spent the next few years honing my legal marketing skills and then I plotted my exit route from the legal profession.

I set up Samson Consulting in 2003. Since that time I don’t think anyone has ever accused me of being full of hot air – which pleases me greatly!

So if you would like no nonsense, cost effective legal marketing advice from someone that has been there and done it, from both sides of the fence, I promise not to disappoint you. In fact, I GUARANTEE not to disappoint you.

I decided very early on, based on my experiences of previously engaging a legal marketing consultant, that I never wanted anyone to use my services and be disappointed. So I guarantee absolutely all of my services.

If you do not believe that I will add at least 10 times the cost of my fees in terms of instructions for you then I will refund your investment.

What does a legal marketing consultant do?

In short, what I do is to give you all of my expertise gained from marketing legal services since 1991.

I shortcut your success.

You do not have to spend years learning about marketing and testing different marketing methods for legal services. I have done this for you, so let me explain exactly what does and does not work so that you only spend your hard earned money in the right places.

Download my brochure explaining how I can help you as a Legal Marketing Consultant

Simply enter your contact details below and I will send you a free brochure outlining how we can meet to prepare your bespoke one page marketing action plan showing you exactly what you need to do and why to grow your law firm.

There is no cost and no obligation to take any action, but solicitors often tell me that they find it helpful to look at this before speaking with me.

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Ready to take action and see results now?

Whether you are interested in exploring SEO for solicitors, law firm PPC or any other form of inbound marketing (online or offline) where your ideal clients find you when they are looking for the services that you provide, I can help you.

Please call 0117 290 8555 to arrange a mutually convenient time for a telephone discussion, Email me or complete a Free Online Enquiry. There is no cost or obligation. We will have a chat about where you are and where you would like to be and I will suggest some things you can do to get there quickly.

Want to see some proof?

I appreciate that my words may mean very little to you at this point. So why not read what some of my clients say, in their own words, about my legal marketing services?

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Why choose me?

Emerson Scotland

Brilliant, insightful and a great discussion. Nick certainly knows his stuff and makes you feel at ease.

Imran Ali

I have been working with Nick Jervis for well over a year now.

I am a subscriber to the Marketing for Solicitors Service which has taught me integral techniques and tricks of the trade to grow my firm.

I can honestly say that Nick Jervis taught me a number of techniques that I would not ordinarily have thought of.

I feel that Nick Jervis is essential if you are serious about growing your business.

I would recommend his services to anyone who is serious about growing their firm.

I feel that Nick has totally transformed the way we now think and he is a genius in the world of marketing for law firms.

In my opinion, the consultancy offered by Nick Jervis will drive real value to your business.

Chris Carter

Nick has for a long time now been the go to Legal Marketing Expert offering game changing advice in a no-nonsense way.

As well as knowing what works, he will also make sure you don’t waste valuable time on initiatives that aren’t destined to chime.

Approachable, friendly and fun to deal with he will always make sure you are travelling in the right direction and on the road to success.

Can’t recommend enough!

Iain MacDonald

Excellent consultation very practical and straight forward planning, positively and optimistically reimagining a small law firms prospects.

Anthony McCarthy

Nick gives simple and clear advice which makes sense.

In a field full of smoke and mirror merchants he is the real deal.

His book, content and webinars are first class.

Highly recommended.