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As a Solicitors firm specialising in Immigration work with a background in legal aid work, we recognised the opportunity that the internet and modern business practices provided forward thinking law firms but didn’t know where to start!

How To Get Immigration Law ClientsOur aim was to increase our private work beyond our geographical offices, we had set ourselves a target but we’d not made as much progress as we’d have liked until coming across Nick Jervis and Samson Consulting.

The reality is that as lawyers, we’re very highly trained in law, but not at all trained in all of the critical client acquisition methods – marketing, websites, online tools and all that sort of thing.

Ironically, it was during one of the lockdowns that gave us the breathing space to stop and really think about how to achieve our goal, and that’s when we attended an online seminar that Nick was running.

The seminar really resonated with us, and we could see that Nick really knew what he was talking about, and that digital connection and the power of the internet isn’t just a ‘nice to have’, it’s a critical part of running a successful law firm.

And of course, being confined to homes and offices and unable to go and see people brought the importance of online to the fore even further.

Alive to the power of online connectivity, we now had to work out to harness it; something that’s easier said than done.

When it comes to marketing, there’s a tendency to think you can do it all yourself, but the truth is that if you actually want it to succeed, it’s critical to bring in experts that know exactly what they’re doing.

And Nick truly is an expert – we started working with him and never looked back.

He redesigned our website, changed the language and messaging to become more client-centric, helped us putting a marketing plan together designed to achieve our specific goal, and then worked closely with us to achieve it.

He set up and started running our Google Ads to produce more private work, while working on our organic rankings to get more enquiries into the business.

And it wasn’t just the marketing – Nick understands that all of the enquiries in the world are useless if you can’t handle them, so he introduced sales processes to help us maximise the value of every enquiry.

Each month, Nick held us accountable, asking us for our numbers and ensuring we were moving in the right direction.

And under his guidance, we made fast progress. During 2021 we doubled not only the volume of enquiries, but also the volume of private work taken on and this continues to grow in 2022.

It’s no exaggeration to say that we never would have achieved this without Nick’s help, and we’re incredibly excited about seeing where we can take the firm next, with Nick alongside us to help.

If you’re considering working with Nick, my advice is to have a conversation with him – he’ll be brutally honest, explain what you need to be doing and how he can help, and if you end up working with him, he’ll bend over backwards to help you achieve your goals.

If you need help with business development and marketing, I can highly recommend Nick Jervis and Samson Consulting.

Mark Reeves
Halliday Reeves Solicitors

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Case Study

“We’re busier and more profitable than ever before, but we’re also having more fun too.”

I came across Nick and Samson Consulting back when I was employed and looking for help to grow my caseload.

Unsurprisingly I found him on Google (he definitely has a knack for that platform!), while looking for a legal marketing expert, and ended up joining his Marketing4Solicitors group, learning from afar for several years.

His advice was smart, sound and – most importantly – it worked.

And that’s why when I came to start my own firm up three years ago, I pretty quickly ended up giving Nick a call and started working with him.

I had used another company to help me with some online marketing before that, and to be honest – it was an absolute disaster, costing huge amounts of money and not really delivering any tangible results.

I hoped that wouldn’t be the case with Nick, and I was right.

I brought him right into the business, getting him involved top to bottom, and I can honestly say that it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

His guidance quickly starting paying dividends, as he coached and mentored me on how to generate more interest and achieve more client instructions, as well as generally how to structure the firm in a way that was the most profitable and productive.

Three years in, and I’m over the moon with the impact that Nick has had on my business.

We’ve got a clear focus and a direction, we know why we do what we do, and most of importantly at all, we’re more successful.

We’re busier and more profitable than ever before, but we’re also having more fun too.

That’s one of the best things about working with Nick – the fact that the advice and guidance he gives is so holistic.

It’s not just about making money, although he has had a huge impact on that for us, but it’s also about helping me to enjoy my life, and growing my firm in a way that means that I have more money in the bank, but more time to enjoy life with my family too.

I guess that’s what makes him so different to others out there – he really does have my best interests at heart and I trust him implicitly.

It’s hard for me to convey just how good Nick is at what he does – before I started working with him, I thought I was pretty good with PR and marketing, but the truth is that in comparison to Nick, I really don’t know anything.

Nick really is a very, very smart guy, and when it comes to running a profitable legal firm, I think there are very few people who could touch him.

And that’s why I’m glad he’s on my team, and that isn’t just hyperbole – he really is a part of my team: any significant business decision I make is run by him first, because I know he’ll give me useful, tangible and practical advice that’ll result in the best outcome for me and the people I care about.

Before working with Nick, I felt like I was on my own, and the future of the firm was on my shoulders; to be honest it was quite a weight.

But now, I’m relaxed about the future, because I know that I’ve got Nick in my corner, one of the smartest marketing minds I’ve ever come across, and a truly honest good guy to boot.