Review Of Your Google Ads Campaign

Let Me Review Your Google Ads Campaign And Show You How To Make It Deliver More Clients For The Same Or Less Spend

“Nick, I hear everything you say about website design, and what you say I need to do to make my website receive more visitors, and then to turn those visitors into new clients, but I don’t know how to apply it to my own website!”


“Nick, tell me why my Google Ads campaign is not working please.”

My Google Ads Review For You

I have taken over many campaigns from solicitors or specialist Google Ads management companies.

Here are some of the reasons why Google Ads may not be producing as many clients as you would like.

Here are some of them:

  • Your website isn’t set up correctly to convert visitors into new enquiries for your services;
  • Your Google Ads campaign is not set up correctly in terms of targeting;
  • Your Google Ads advertisements are not effective.
  • You are targeting the wrong keywords.
  • You have too many keywords in your Google Adgroups.

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