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Video Review Service For Solicitors

“Nick, I hear everything you say about website design, and what you say I need to do to make my website receive more visitors, and then to turn those visitors into new clients, but I don’t know how to apply it to my own website!”


“Nick, tell me why my Adwords campaign is not working please.”


“How would you improve this Direct Mail letter we have prepared?”

My Video Marketing Critique Service

Are you struggling with one aspect of your marketing that you simply cannot fix? Is your website not generating new leads, or is your advertisement not making the telephone ring? Let me show you where you are going wrong with your own video marketing critique.

Whenever I meet solicitors for the first time there is always at least one aspect of their marketing that they do not believe is working as hard for them as they feel it should do considering the effort that they have put into it.

It might be that they cannot attract traffic to their website, or that when they do attract visitors they cannot convert them into new client instructions. Or it might be that their advertisements are not working, or that they have forgotten how to add new content to their WordPress website or blog and do not want to pay the £500 training fee to be reminded.

Well I don’t want you to sit there and worry, ask me to show you where you are going wrong.

Video Marketing Critique Service

I have prepared video marketing critiques for my consultancy clients for years now, but I now also offer a video marketing critique for all who would like a short, sharp, bespoke video marketing critique on any aspect of their legal marketing activities including:

  • Your website (to explain why it is either not attracting visitors, or why it is not converting visitors into new clients);
  • A Google Pay Per Click campaign – are you paying too much for each click yet do not know why? Or are you struggling to find the right keywords?
  • Advertisements – are your advertisements not providing you with the leads you need to win more instructions? Let me show you on video the changes that could make a dramatic improvement to your advertisement.
  • WordPress Website or Blog? Do you have a WordPress website or blog but do not know how to add content to it or change content on your website? Don’t worry, let me show you how with a video training guide that you can keep returning to whenever you get stuck
  • Dreamweaver? If your website is built using Dreamweaver, I can show you how to use that too on a video marketing review.

If you are struggling to move your business forward for whatever reason, I am confident that I can show you how to make dramatic improvements with one of my Video Marketing Critique videos. Email me your problem, tell me what you are struggling with and then let me send you a 10 minute video showing you how to put things right so you can start generating all of the new client enquiries that you need to make your practice thrive!

How To Obtain Your Own Video Marketing Review/Critique

This is a really simple service, and as with all of my services is fully guaranteed to provide you with a return on investment. To obtain your own video marketing review or critique, the first step is to download the full brochure and booking form:

At the end of the call you will know exactly what you need to do to fix your law firm website. I can even introduce you to people to carry out all of the changes so that you do not become ‘stuck’.


This is a fixed price service with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you engage me to carry out a Video Marketing Critique for your firm, you can request a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

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