Google Adwords For Solicitors

Why Google Adwords Works For Solicitors

“Would you like more clients delivered to your website and for your telephone to ring more with absolutely no extra effort on your part?” Google adwords for solicitors is almost certainly your answer.

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Whilst in the past people often used to find solicitors on their local High Street, the internet has changed everything.

You only have to ask your old Yellow Pages sales representative if that is true, or more pertinently look at the cheques you used to write for that publication but now no longer need to.

The people who used to use the Yellow Pages to find a solicitor now use Google instead.

This is great news for you, in that unlike the Yellow Pages with which it was nigh on impossible to prove any return on investment, with Google Adwords you can see each and every month exactly how much extra profit costs are generated by your marketing spend.

The equation for Google Adwords should look like this:

Profit Costs generated from Google Adwords Spend minus Adwords Spend = Minimum 3 x Return On Investment (frequently substantially more).

Why Google Adwords works for solicitors.

Google Adwords for solicitors

The reason that Google Adwords works so effectively for solicitors is that someone is delivered to your website at the exact moment that they are ready to choose a solicitor.

Unlike most other forms of marketing where your message reaches people who have no interest in purchasing your services, this form of marketing is pure ‘attraction marketing’. Newspaper advertisements, television advertisements or social media (don’t believe what you read about that, but that’s another story) have to work so much harder for you for two reasons:

  • You have to interrupt someone whose primary purpose is to read the paper, watch the television or follow their friend’s latest movements; and
  • Even if you do manage to make them read your advertisement, the majority of people seeing it will not need a solicitor at that moment in time.

Google Adwords, however, only presents your advertisements to people who have already shown that they are looking for a solicitor by typing words such as “conveyancing solicitor” or “shareholder agreement solicitor” into the Google search box.

If your advertisement is written well, and the people managing your Google Adwords spend understand the importance of writing exceedingly good advertisements, you will receive a click through to your website.

It is only at that point that you pay Google anything. Unlike traditional advertising where you pay whether or not anyone reads your advertisement, with Google Adwords you only pay if someone reads your advertisement AND clicks on it to land on your website.

This is a substantial difference and is the reason why Google is generating revenue of $16 billion or so per quarter. It is marketing that is extremely traceable and profitable because it works, which is why advertisers keep using it.

If you are not yet using Google Adwords to promote your legal services, or have tried in the past by managing the advertising campaign yourself, I am confident that I can make it work for you.

This story about one of my clients might interest you.

More Of This Solicitors Favourite Legal Work

This solicitor was generating absolutely no work from their website. They asked me to help, so I asked which type of work they would like to generate. They explained that they liked type A the most, but usually ended up doing type B because they could not get enough type A work. Within one month of working with me they were generating as much type A work as they could deal with. They were able to stop doing the type B work that they had never really enjoyed.

It is fair to say that they were very happy with the results.

Another Solicitors Website Marketing Success Story

This firm wanted to enter a new niche legal market. A new section of their website and a Google Adwords campaign and within three years this brand new department has 5 fee earners.

Discover How This Can Work For Your Firm

Whether you have tried Google Adwords before for your law firm and failed to make it work, or have not yet tried it, I am confident that I can help to make this a success for you.

Depending where you are now, you have two options:

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