If The Answer Is Marketing4Solicitors, The Question Is……..?

Is it time for you to go from not having enough clients to always having a steady flow of new client instructions? If it is, you need to find out more about Marketing4Solicitors.


Let me ask you a simple question to see if this could be of use to you.

Is this you at the moment?

  • You simply do not know what will work in terms of generating new clients or where to start and do not want to waste time and money finding out; and/or
  • You think you have a fairly good understanding of marketing but don’t seem to have as many new clients coming to you as you want or need; and/or
  • You are doing lots of different marketing initiatives but you cannot seem to make any of them work as well as you think they should do; and/or
  • You have read a number of sales and marketing books by now, so you do not need more theoretical advice about marketing; and/or
  • You feel that you are so close to being as successful as you want to be but you can’t ever quite get over the line.

If this sounds like you, I have created a solution especially for you. This solution, called Marketing4Solicitors, will provide you with all of the following:

  • No theoretical, fluffy or fuzzy marketing advice, just solid, practical and proven advice.
  • Proven, practical marketing precedents that have already been used by over 100 solicitors to win them new clients.
  • The ability to pick up the telephone and call me or email me to explain where you are going wrong with any of your marketing activities and what you need to do to get you on the right track.
  • A system to follow to win the new client instructions you need.
  • A monthly publication from me to you which alerts you to new, successful marketing systems you can use along with the tools you need to start using them.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling that finally all of the hard work you put in is being properly rewarded in terms of new instructions, increased profits, and the ability to take more time off if you choose to do so.

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