What Is Pay Per Click For Law Firms & How Does It Work?

PPC For Law FirmsThe best forms of marketing are when your message appears in front of your potential clients at the exact moment in time that they are looking for a solicitor. Pay per click for law firms does just that!

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) puts your message in front of your potential clients at the precise moment that they are looking to engage your legal services.

It is one of the reasons why it is one of THE most effective forms of marketing for solicitors.

When you add to this the fact that Google Ads can be set up to run without any regular input from you, it becomes one of the easiest, automated forms of new client attraction for solicitors.

This is the reason why so many of my clients use it to grow their law firms quickly!

I have prepared an extensive guide to PPC for Law Firms, which covers everything you need to know and understand to set up a Google Ads campaign and manage a Google Ads Agency or Consultant.

I share the important metrics that you must check every month to ensure your PPC Campaign keeps on delivering new clients to you and does so very cost effectively, so that you can generate the best return on investment possible (often 30 to one or more!).

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What Is Included In The PPC For Law Firms Guide

Here is the index to your free guide:
PPC Advertising For Law Firms

Nick Jervis, Pay Per Click For Law Firms Specialist
Nick Jervis, Pay Per Click For Law Firms Specialist

The guide includes everything I have learned from my Google Ads management, including:

  • Spending more than £250,000 of my own business money promoting legal services
  • Managing a spend of more than £2 million per annum for my law firm owner clients promoting the complete range of legal services across the UK, Ireland and Worldwide.
  • Taking over dozens of campaigns from other ‘specialist legal marketing agencies’ and dramatically improving their performance (more clients, less spend).

The guide shows you how you can effectively manage your current Pay Per Click agency and obtain better results from them.

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Click Here to Download The Complete Guide To PPC For Law Firms:>>

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The Most Common Google Ads Mistakes Made By Law Firms

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