Steady Stream Of New Clients For Solicitors

Read on to discover how my Steady Stream Of New Clients For Solicitors meeting will allow you to fast track the growth of your law firm by dramatically increasing your client intake, reclaiming some time and head space from your hectic diary and finally getting back in control of the running of your law firm…

Steady Stream Of New Clients Meeting For SolicitorsEvery year I speak with over 100 solicitors who book a ‘More Clients Now’ strategy call with me.

Being a law firm growth specialist, obviously, a lot of the conversations were about how they could increase their client intake to grow their turnover.

I provided each solicitor with the best marketing tactics to meet their growth targets and summarise the action that they need to take.

Often, I followed up with them a few months later and discovered that one of two things had happened:

  1. They’d followed my advice, implemented changes and seen the growth in their law firm that they were seeking; or
  2. They’d gone back to their day to day grind and failed to find the time to do anything different.

The general challenges of running a law firm had sucked them back in and prevented them from taking action.

And, under those conditions, as the quote attributed to Einstein suggests, it’d be insanity to expect improvement.

In all cases, there had been no positive changes, and in a few cases, the firms had even gone backwards a little.

What I’ve learned from working with solicitors and legal service providers since 2003 is that for most of them, it isn’t that they don’t WANT to change their current position. Quite the opposite.

In almost all cases, it’s that they just don’t manage to find the time to implement the required changes.

The sad truth is that probably only 5-10% of the people I speak to under those conditions actually take action.

The other 90-95% don’t do anything, which means that nothing improves.

The practice isn’t better, the number of clients doesn’t increase and so the level of income and lifestyle is compromised as a result.

But enough of the bad news. Here’s the good:

Over the years, I’ve found that the percentage of action takers dramatically improves when an additional step is taken.

When this step is taken, the majority of solicitors are able to finally take action on their plan, and when that happens:

  1. They generate more leads
  2. They convert more clients
  3. They produce more profit
  4. Both themselves and the people they love are able to enjoy a more comfortable and easier lifestyle as a result.

So, what is this vital additional step that these solicitors take?

In truth, it’s a simple one:

They book in to see me, in person, for a Steady Stream Of New Clients Meeting at my office in Portishead, where I set out – step by step – precisely what they need to do to deliver the law firm of their dreams.

But not only that, I also ensure that any obstacles stopping them from taking action are removed, show them where they have been wasting their money AND time and hand them a ready-made plan for them to follow to deliver the results that they are seeking.

What Is The Steady Stream Of New Clients Meeting?

The Law Firm Growth Formula BookIf you are ambitious and committed to growing your law firm quickly, the best way of doing this with my help is to come and spend an afternoon with me (often now on Zoom).

Why try and figure it all out for yourself when someone who has been successfully growing law firms since 1991 can share the shortcuts with you and save you making all of the costly mistakes you are almost certain to make if you try to ‘go it alone’.

Spend just 90 minutes with me face to face or on Zoome and I will:

  • Clarify your goals for your law firm. We’ll determine how much turnover, profit or time away from your law firm you want to create and then I will provide you with a plan to ensure that it happens.
  • Review all of your current marketing (including your website) and tell you exactly what you need to do to make it more successful (providing you with instant return on your investment).
  • Show you how to outsource your marketing so that it happens with or without your input. This is vital if you are serious about creating sustained growth.
  • Create your bespoke Marketing Action Plan, showing you precisely what to do and when to do it to get the results that you want.
  • Identify the areas where you can reduce your existing spend on marketing.

My Steady Stream Of New Clients Meeting has been attended by dozens of solicitors who wanted to know precisely what they needed to do to grow their law firm quickly.

When you attend this meeting (which is fully guaranteed) you will see above my office sofa a poster for the film ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ with James Stewart.

Its A Wonderful Life And Law Firm Marketing


Because so many solicitors have told me that they come into my office feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do to change their current position, but leave light of foot and excited at having had the future of their firm mapped out for them with just a few simple changes needed to make the changes happen.

Can I do the same for you?

If you are serious about growing your law firm it will be a real pleasure to meet you and to help you.

What’s more, the meeting is completely ‘Risk Free’ for you. If you attend and do not believe that you will receive at least a 10 to 1 return on your modest investment, I will refund the meeting cost in full.

Now that you know that you have nothing to lose, simply enter some details below to discover more and to find out how you can reserve a time for your meeting: