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Getting the right website for a law firm will produce a steady flow of new client enquiries. However, if you get the wrong one, you will waste your money. What is the difference that makes the difference?

Legal Website Design Specialist Nick Jervis
Nick Jervis, Solicitor (non-practising)

First, let me start with an important point. I am not trying to sell you a website. I don’t mind one way or another whether you ask for my help in obtaining a website or you go elsewhere. What I do care about, however, is that you don’t end up with a useless website that will damage your law firm more than it will do it well.


Because then when you come to me, having wasted your money on a bad website, you will have no budget left but still be in need of a website or other marketing tools to deliver new clients to you.

Before I explain in more detail what is important when it comes to law firm website design, let me first explain why I believe that I am well placed to explain and advise you on what your law firm website should look like, the words it should contain and how it can, when done properly, deliver new clients to you on a regular basis.

My credentials when it comes to understanding legal website design:

  • I have been working on law firm websites since 2003;
  • I spent over £250,000 of my own money promoting a legal services website which was very successful. Everything that I learned from that experience I pass on to my clients;
  • I manage the spend online to law firm websites of over £1.5million per annum. All of my clients’ websites deliver new clients to them; consistently.

I don’t tell you this to brag but just to convince you, I hope, that I have earned my stripes when it comes to understanding law firm websites.

“There are so many important aspects to legal web designs for solicitors, but the only thing that really matters is that your law firm website delivers new clients to you each and every month. If your website is not doing this, or you do not yet have a website, you need to correct this as soon as possible.”

Nick Jervis – Solicitor (non-practising)

Thanks to your advice about my website this last month I’ve had more new instructions than ever before in a single month!
Martin Smith, Martin T Smith Solicitors

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Who is this advice for?

Legal Website Design For Law Firms
This advice is for you if:

  • You own or run a law firm providing  a range of legal services; or
  • You run a niche legal practice; or
  • You run a commercial law firm; or
  • You run a law firm with turnover in the millions.

Wherever you fit in the list above, your legal website should be bringing in a substantial percentage of all of your new client instructions. If it is failing to do this it is for one of or a combination of the following reasons:

  • The wrong design;
  • The wrong content or not enough content;
  • The wrong calls to action or none at all;
  • Failure to set the website up in the correct way to make it friendly to both Google and to your prospects.

I can usually spot which of these problems apply to your website within 10 minutes of looking at it. If you download my guide below, I will explain how you can access a live review of your website.

Your marketing critique of my website today was brilliant, better than I could hope for.

My Legal Website Design Guide

I have prepared the Legal Website Design guide to literally make the process as straightforward as possible for you. It can save you thousands of pounds in obtaining the wrong website design and in lost fee earning time. The solicitor website design guide will tell you the following:

  • How to approach website designers to obtain the right fixed price quotation;
  • How to find recommended legal website designers;
  • How to obtain the right design for your legal website;
  • What you must do once you have gone live with your website to ensure that it starts to generate new client instructions for you; and
  • How to avoid the terrible, costly mistakes that so many solicitors make when obtaining their new website (referred to above).

Even if you do not believe that a new website will bring in a flood of new client enquiries for you (I know it will, whether you are a small or large commercial firm of solicitors or a High Street law firm (yes, really you doubting Thomas’)) you must have a website for people to review your range of legal services when you are recommended to them.

If you currently have no website, or perhaps even worse a poorly designed website, you are drastically reducing the number of new client enquiries that you will receive every month. However, a well designed website will lead to a flood of new client enquiries and the best part of it all is that once you get this right the enquiries keep coming whether you are in the office, out for lunch or even on the beach in Mauritius. This is why solicitors who I have worked with to create their online presence enjoy the results so much; new client enquiries on tap, with or without you working hard on your marketing. Fantastic!

Would You Like Website Results For Your Law Firm?

Whether you already have a website for your practice and you are wondering whether it is performing well, or you do not yet have one, you please download my free Legal Website Design Guide and let me explain the vital elements that make a successful law firm website design.

We are creating/designing a new Website for our business at the minute. I needed sound advice concerning the layout and general appeal of our design and content, and I wanted these tips from someone who walked the talk.
Anyhow, I asked Mr. Jervis for a telephone conversation to give me some tips.
I didn’t get the phone call, I got something better. I sent our draft new website link by mail to him and he assessed our draft website with the benefit of Youtube (so I got the visual aspect of his advice and could hear his advice ). It was crystal with great advice.It’s great to be surprised and I was surprised with this service.Thank you.Roger Cleary, Cleary & Co. Solicitors

Click Here To Download The Legal Website Guide & Marketing Guide:>>

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