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I am by trade a solicitor. I know what it feels like to sit at your desk and wonder where the next new client instruction is going to come from. For years I tried everything to generate new clients. Luckily for me I found I had the knack for generating new enquiries and I quickly realised that I enjoyed this part of my job much more than the fee earning. After taking over the marketing for my first firm I realised that I could help an awful lot more solicitors by providing them with my tools and techniques to generate new instructions.

What I did not expect was quite how successful I would become at marketing Samson Consulting, generating more enquiries from solicitors than I could physically handle. However, I realised that a lot of my methods and techniques I could translate into instantly available products to help many, many more solicitors to generate the new client enquiries that they all desperately needed. These products and services I have created for you to use are detailed on this page.

Everything Is Completely Risk Free For You To Try

I know beyond any doubt that my systems and products work very successfully at generating new client enquiries. I know this because I have tested and implemented these products and services on hundreds of different law firms with fantastic results.

Therefore, every product I offer is fully risk free. Try it for 30 days, test my systems and methods and if you do not believe they will provide you with an amazing return on your investment, simply email me or call me and I will gladly refund you.

Marketing Products Available For You

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If you would like me to advise you one to one exactly what you should be doing to attract more clients to your law firm, you need to find out more about my Legal Marketing Consultancy Services.

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