Law Firm Marketing Tools

Law Firm Marketing ToolsHere are the essential law firm marketing tools that my law firm owner clients could not be without when it comes to growing their law firms the easy way.

I do not recommend ANY MARKETING TOOLS that I have not tried and tested extensively and use in my own business.

This page contains some affiliate links meaning I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase:- this is at no additional cost to you and in many cases, as you see, I offer extra free assistance to get you started in the form of usually paid for start up guides or extra benefits when buying through my link. Why? My job is to make your law firm growth easier! It is what I do all day every day….

1. Get Your Ideal Prospects Booking Themselves Into Your Diary To Discover More About Acquiring Your Legal Services…

This software is perfect for asking your ideal prospects to book into your diary to discover more about working with you.

It works at its best when you ask your live chat company (below) to book anyone showing interest into your services into your diary for an appointment later that day, or if the live chat enquiry comes in after hours (they offer a 24 hour service) to book them into your diary the following morning at your pre-determined times.

This works so unbelievably well, but let me explain why with the before and after view for you.

Before Live Chat & Appointment Software Is On Your Website
An ideal prospect visits your website at 7pm one evening, likes what they see but isn’t sure what to do.

They make a note to go back to your website the following day, but decide to look at another law firm website in the meantime.

They already have live chat…..

Prospect lost…

After Live Chat & Appointment Software Is On Your Website
An ideal prospect visits your website at 7pm one evening, likes what they see but isn’t sure what to do.

Just as they are thinking about leaving your website, the live chat pops up and asks if they can help your prospect. The first message explains that they are a real person (not a chatbot).

The prospect accepts and has a really good conversation with your live chat handler (you have provided them with the right questions to ask so they can get to the heart of the matter).

When offered an appointment first thing the following morning, your prospect jumps at the chance and is booked in.

They instantly receive an email confirmation (all part of this appointment booking software) and feel that they have been dealt with very professionally.

They stop looking for other solicitors as they are already in your diary, so they have no need to.

In a difficult economy, these little extras will make all of the difference to your law firm growth!

Click here to see the appointment booking software:>>

This software also can be used to fill your diary in two other ways:

  1. On your website. Offer your prospects the choice to email you, call you, use live chat or book themselves into your diary to discover more about how you can help them.
  2. In your email marketing (you do undertake email marketing, don’t you?). At the end of each email to your prospects and clients offer your readership a chance to book in with you to discover more about how you can help them. They click a link and then this software schedules them into your diary at one of your pre-approved times. Because it syncs with your work calendar of choice (Outlook, Apple, Google) you don’t have to worry about any conflict appointments.

Click here to see the appointment booking software:>>

2. Live Chat For Solicitors

Most of the law firms that take the two week FREE TRIAL of this UK service, where your live chats are dealt with by humans not chatbots (no law firm should have a chatbot) from 8am to 10pm, or 24 hours if you choose, generate more enquiries for their services than they did before adding it.

When you couple that with the process I outlined above for booking appointments for you, it is a solid gold winner.

If you would like me to introduce you to this fantastic live chat service so that you can take their free two week trial and see how well it works yourself, click here to email me:>>

3. Need A Website Designer, Graphic Designer, Software Help Or Any Other Marketing Help?

Website designer let you down?

Want to find someone to create a logo without paying through the nose?

Need help designing a new logo?

Need help with any marketing project at all?

Do you want to have people who can help you bidding to help you, rather than you chase around trying to find them?

You need Upwork.

It is like a dating site, but instead matches people with business owners looking to hire their services.

You post a job and people apply to do that job for you and best of all, you can see their previous work reviews to ensure they are a good fit, AND you can pay them in instalments (milestones) as they complete each part of a job.

This makes finding a service provider to help you with all aspects of growing your law firm!

Click here to view Upwork and post a  job!

4. Content Marketing Tool – Getting To The Top Of Google….

One of the most vital aspects of Content Marketing / getting to the top of Google is internal links.

Internal links use the keyword you are targeting to link back to the page that is targeting that keyword.

For example, this link: “SEO For Solicitors”, takes you to my page which is in the top 10 of Google search results for the search term SEO for Solicitors.

This tool is one of the tools integral in taking Solicitors Near Me from a few hundred visitors a month to several thousand each month as it makes adding internal links incredibly easy.

Set your keyword for the page, then hit the “inbound links” button provided on each page once you have installed this Wordrpess plugin, and the tool finds all of the opportunities across your website to link to this page for the keywords that you are targeting.

Select the links you want to add, press “ADD LINKS” and within seconds you have multiple links to the page across your website.

Put simply, this tool will get you to the top of Google for your chosen keywords faster.

Here is a video showing you precisely how I use it:

Click here to view LinkWhisper in action:>>

5. Email Marketing Software

If you are a business to business legal service provider, you can probably double your turnover by adding email marketing if you are not already doing this.


B2B clients tend to either already have a solicitor, or do a fair bit of research before choosing one.

If you do not offer them a guide or brochure to download in exchange for their email address, you miss the opportunity to prove your expertise over time and win them as a client.

For B2C legal services, you miss the greatest opportunity that exists to cross sell your legal services.

For my own business, I estimate that my business would be at best one third of its current size if I did not undertake legal marketing relentlessly….

Click here to take your Email marketing software trial:>>

If you sign up for this, I will email you my step by step set up guide for solicitors (usually only for Marketing4Solicitors members). Simply sign up, send me your purchase confirmation to and you will receive my set up guide completely free of charge.

6. Once You Have Email Marketing Software Set Up – Grow Your Email List The Easy Way

The email marketing software above is the software that I use to actually send my emails to my prospects, but to increase the amount of people signing up to my email list you need a visually enticing tool that has added bells and whistles and that integrates with your email marketing software easily.

This software allows you to create exit intent pop ups (that appear as your visitor goes to leave your website), corner slide ins that appear after a fixed time, plus the usual pop ups to use when someone clicks an image or content on your website.

For example, on this page, if you click on the How To Get New Clients book image on the right hand side (if on a desktop) or below this article if on mobile, the box that pops up is created by this software.

It makes a substantial difference to the number of people joining your email list.

I use it extensively across this website but also on my Solicitors Near Me UK website to grow an email list of prospects searching for solicitors (my Marketing4Solicitors members who receive all of the leads from it – several hundred each month and rising…).

Click here to see it in action and take a 14 day money back guarantee trial:>>

I recently added it to a client’s website and he had 15 people sign up in the first 2 days. It made him feel unwell because he reaised how many people would be on his email list now had he installed it many months ago, but we can only start from now, can’t we…

7. Screen Recording Software – Website Videos & Staff Training

If a client or prospect asks me to review their Legal PPC Campaign, I will dive in, use this software and screen record all that I can see to improve the performance of their campaign for them.

I use it to train my PA how to undertake various tasks, adding the video and any notes to a Google Sheet so that the process is mapped out if anyone else has to step in to undertake the tasks.

Many of my clients now follow my system too to train their new staff how to undertake their various roles, so that when they leave, they do not have to go through the process one on one again, it is all there ready for the new team member to learn from and refer back to.

If you choose the bundle it also includes screen capture software, allowing me to grab a screen shot, for example of a client website, mark it up with changes to improve conversions, then send it off to my client in minutes.

Click here to view the software:>>

8. Your Lightning Fast Website!

Usain Bolt

Michael Jordan

Alan Wells (showing my age – you too or drawn a blank on that one)?

Buzz Lightyear…..

And now a new one to add to the list: Nitropack!

This makes your website lightning fast.

The good news is that if your traffic is below 5,000 sessions per month, it is free!

After that, up to 50,000 sessions, which should cover most websites, it is $17 per month.

I am paying that as I have seen my mobile speeds rise from 50-70/100 to 90/100 and desktop to 99/100 from early 90’s.

Fast sites dramatically improve client user experience, and please Google, so I am all in on that front, and my advice to you is that you should be too.

If you are under 5,000 sessions per month, this is how you can access the free version (follow the instructions to the letter or you will be pushed towards the paid version):

    1. Test your website speed so you know your starting point here (what gets measured, gets better):
    2. Make a note of your Mobile speed and Desktop speed (you can toggle between the two once the speed test has finished running).
    3. Click here to go to Nitro Pack:>>
    4. Click “Get Started” top right of the page.
    5. Scroll down past the three priced options until you see the “Or check us in action with Free Plan”. If you are over 5,000 sessions, you can start with the free plan then pay to upgrade once you see how effective this plugin is (it will work until you hit 5,000 sessions after you install it, so remember to go back to the Plugin settings and sign up for a paid account before you go past 5,000 sessions).
    6. Click that link and follow the instructions.
    7. Once signed up, login to your website.
    8. From the left menu select plugins / add new.
    9. In the search box type in NitroPack.
    10. Select install when you see it on the page.
    11. Wait for it to install, then press Activate.
    12. If it doesn’t automatically redirect you, head to Plugins, find Nitropack then click Settings.
    13. Follow the instructions to connect the NitroPack plugin on your website to the account that you have just created.
    14. In the settings, turn on Cache Warm Up and HTML compression for the best results.
  1. Wait a day or so for it to do its magic, then test your speed again.


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Case Study

From biggest fee earner to no fee earning whilst doubling turnover

I’d been looking for somebody to help me with marketing for a while, and I came across Nick on Google.

That was three years ago, and in that time it’s fair to say that he’s had a massive impact on my business, and my life as a result.

In the early days, my goal was simple and specific: increase the turnover of the business so that I could take more money out of the business.

I had an amount in mind, and I expected it to take years to get there, but when I achieved it in just six months, it began to dawn on me that this guy really knew what he was talking about.

As a result of that early success, and with Nick’s help, I realised that my expectations were too low, and what I could actually achieve, with the right thinking and guidance, was far beyond what I’d ever imagined.

What Nick saw – and what he made me see – was that my business had fantastic potential, but to realise that potential, things needed to change.

Even before Nick got involved, we were getting a decent volume of leads, but it was what was happening to the leads that was the problem.

We weren’t tracking them, there was no process in place and to top it all off, we didn’t have a clear pricing structure, which meant that we were nowhere near as profitable as we could be.

And that’s where Nick came into his own. He built us a bespoke lead generation and sales process, and the results were staggering.

We pretty much doubled our turnover, allowing me to build a four-person sales and marketing team that gets us more leads and more sales.

Of course, Nick’s Google Adwords expertise has been a key part of our growth, and today it’s a hugely profitable marketing pillar for us.

But regardless of the medias or mechanisms we’ve used to grow over the last three years, it’s been Nick’s rock solid marketing plan that underpins it all.

He’s stopped me trying this and that, and got me to focus on the things that’ll have the biggest impact on the business.

And I think there’s a lot more to come – we still haven’t implemented everything that Nick has given us to do, and when we do, I reckon we’ve got around another £250,000 of revenue per year to add to our figures.

And it’s not just the business that’s seen a transformation – it’s been a personal transformation too.

When Nick first got involved, I was the biggest fee earner, and consequently I was reluctant to stop getting involved in cases.

Nick eventually made me see that if I was serious about growing this business, that needed to change and as time has gone on I’ve taken on less and less work – now I don’t do any of it.

And I only wish I’d done it earlier, because the result has been me having more time to build the business, and spending time with the people that are important to me.

Not only that, but the business is stronger, because it’s much less dependent on me.

Nick was right about that one, as he has been about pretty much everything else – it pains me to say it, but it’s true!