Legal Website Marketing For Solicitors

Are you winning new client instructions from your website every single month, month after month? If not, you are missing massive opportunities. Now would be a great time to change this would it not?

Types Of Legal Website Marketing

There are two ways of increasing the amount of new traffic to your website and generating new client instructions. One is called Pay Per Click Advertising, which is very self explanatory, in that you only make a payment if someone clicks on your advertisements and visits your website. The other type of marketing is called Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing. With this method you do not pay for each click to your website, you can achieve this without paying anything at all, it just takes a lot longer to get the results you need. The good news is that whichever method of website marketing that you are interested in, I can help you with both. So follow the links below, or use the navigation on the left of the website to find how to achieve the results that you are looking for.

To find out more about each of them, download my free Legal Website Design & Marketing Guide now to discover:

  • Why, if you already have a website, removing it before the new website goes live is a really expensive mistake to make, however bad you may think it looks;
  • Why your website should be generating substantial volumes of new client instructions for you;
  • How to ensure the website design process runs as smoothly as possible for you;
  • Where to find all of the information you need to understand exactly how your website should look and how you can increase the number of visitors to it, both with paid and free website marketing tactics.

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