Solicitors New To Google Adwords

If you are considering using Google Adwords, why should you?

Surely no one clicks on those advertisements, anyway, do they?

They do what you do and go past the first four advertisements and then click on the free results, don’t they?

I will bet you $16 billion that they don’t! Well, if I had it I would, but guess who does have that? Google Adwords. It is still the main way that Google makes its’ money and there is a very good reason for this: Google Adwords works.

It is the perfect form of marketing.

Whereas newspaper or television advertisements, or the dreaded social media, have to work hard to gain your attention, Adwords presents your message in front of someone who is actively seeking your services.

Someone needs a solicitor; they head to Google, type in their search term, for example “Conveyancing Solicitor Reading” and your advertisement pops up in front of them.

If they like what you say on your website, they get in touch with you and you do the rest.

You now have a new client.

Only people actively seeking your services will see your advertisement. You only pay if someone sees your advertisement and then actually clicks on it and is taken to your website. It is for this reason that it is the perfect form of marketing because you only pay for results.

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