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Legal Marketing Services Specialist Nick Jervis

My legal marketing services are designed to deliver new clients to your law firm door consistently day after day, week after week, month after month. Whether you are a conveyancing solicitor, a niche commercial solicitor or nationwide provider of legal services, I guarantee that my legal marketing services will produce results for your law firm.

Legal Marketing Services Since 2003

I was a solicitor until 2003 but I had always dreamed of setting up a consultancy for marketing legal services. That was the year that I took the leap.

I didn’t have a cunning master plan, I just knew that I enjoyed marketing legal services much more than I did practising them and also that I knew more about legal marketing than any of the marketing consultants that I had ever employed whilst working as a solicitor.

They would come to my offices, charge several thousand pounds to provide a 100 page templated report which told me that I was doing well and should keep doing what I was doing.

What a waste of money and my time.

It made me determined that when I set up my legal marketing consultancy, I would be focusing solely on the results my clients achieved rather than providing worthless multi page reports.

My approach was going to be very simple: deliver more clients to my solicitor clients each month and the business will take care of itself.

I did; so it has.

You can read about some of my brilliant clients and their success stories here: Legal Marketing Success Stories

I am not telling you about my back story to brag, simply to put your mind at ease that I am not one of these ‘huff and puff’ hard selling legal marketing consultants that there seem to be so many of now. That wasn’t the case when I established my business in 2003. Perhaps there were three or four of us, now I see that nearly every marketing agency or consultancy claims to specialise in marketing legal services. However, when you dig a little deeper you usually find that they also specialise in marketing accountancy services, financial services and every other type of service known to man and woman.

I am a simple man, which I think is why my legal marketing services consultancy has been so successful.

I love what I do. I focus on getting results for my clients so that they can do more of what they love to do, for a fair exchange of money, so that we both benefit from the working relationship.

If this sounds good to you, perhaps we should speak?

You can reach me on 0117 2908555 to arrange a mutually convenient time for a telephone discussion, email me or complete a Free Online Enquiry. There is no cost or obligation. We will have a chat about where you are and where you would like to be and I will suggest some things you can do to get there quickly. After that it is completely up to you.

My Legal Marketing Book And Why I Penned It

“Nick, I have just spent £10,000 on a facebook marketing campaign but I can’t trace any return on my investment in this form of marketing.”

“I have had my legal website completely redesigned for £5,000, but I haven’t had one single piece of business from it.”

“I tried Google Ads, which you say works for solicitors, but it didn’t work for me at all.”

Bestselling Legal Marketing BookEvery month I was having telephone calls with solicitors and hearing the same stories time and time again. By the time they found me, they had spent money either on the wrong legal marketing tactics, or they had spent money on the right legal marketing tactics but had implemented them in the wrong way.

I realised that the only way to prevent this from happening was to make my advice available to all solicitors without exception; a book was the only option.

Published in 2017 (I had to just reach over to my other desk to check that – tempus really does fugit!) The Law Firm Growth Formula shows how smart solicitors attract more of the right clients at the right price to grow their law firm quickly.

I am pleased to say that it was a bestseller in its’ section and that it continues to accumulate some lovely reviews, so I think it has achieved what I set out for it to do.

You can read more about it on my website here (and even read the first four chapters completely free of charge): The Law Firm Growth Formula

Geographical Coverage For My Legal Marketing Services

I am very fortunate to have clients across the United Kingdom and Ireland. I also have clients as far away as New Zealand, so do not worry if you are not located close to me in Bristol. I have excellent online meeting facilities that mean we can talk face to face as if we were in the same room. We can even be in the same room; I hold my initial marketing consultancy meetings in my offices near Bristol. Being so close to a main trainline, the M5 & M4 and Bristol Airport means it is very easy for people to visit me here.

However, I do not insist that you travel to see me. It is a matter of choice. Many of my clients who have worked with me for many years have not yet physically met with me. Take Paul Doran, from Belfast, for instance. A lovely chap who I am very keen to finally meet one day and perhaps share a glass of wine with, but not yet.

Paul Doran Legal Marketing Services Client“Since we’ve been working with Nick, we’ve grown quickly – back in 2013 it was just myself and my wife, and she was part-time.Now I’ve got eight staff and two offices, and we’ve never been busier.”

Paul Doran. Paul Doran Law

Read Paul’s story of working with me here »

My range of marketing services for solicitors

I can provide the full remit of marketing services that a law firm is likely to need. If I cannot provide the services that my clients need, I find trusted suppliers who I have vetted to work with them. My aim is only to make my clients lives easier, so I take care of everything.

The range of services include but are not limited to:

Wherever you are at the moment, I am happy to talk with you and give you some sound, practical advice that will help you with any of the issues that you are facing. These can range from the obvious one of marketing, to the less obvious ones of recruitment and staff issues, management challenges or even which holiday destination you would like to visit next. I have been working in and around the legal profession since 1991 and since 2003 full time running my legal marketing consultancy for solicitors, so I don’t believe that there is anything that I haven’t already discussed and overcome for my clients.

I am here to help.

Ready To Take Action And See Results Now?

Please call 0117 2908555 to arrange a mutually convenient time for a telephone discussion, email me or complete a Free Online Enquiry. There is no cost or obligation. We will have a chat about where you are and where you would like to be and I will suggest some things you can do to get there quickly.


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Case Study

Beating the big boys whilst spending a fraction of their budget

We focus on accident claims, and it’s vital for us to have a strong web presence, which we didn’t have before Nick got involved.

As a result we had to buy in leads from other sources, reducing our profit margins and making us reliant on other companies to generate revenue.

We did have a company working on our Adwords and website, but the truth of the matter is that they weren’t getting the results we needed them to get – we only had a handful of clients coming in from those efforts, making us highly reliant on buying in the leads from elsewhere.

And then I came across one of Nick’s books, was impressed by what I read and got in touch with him.

The rest – as they say – is history.

We started working together with a clear brief: Nick’s job was to help us bring in more self-generated work, so we could stop relying on buying leads.

He started by working on our website, making it more accessible and easier to navigate.

Next he overhauled our Google Adwords, which the previous company had been running fairly unsuccessfully.

Adwords is hugely challenging in our sector, with some very big players bidding on some of the most common keywords, making it very difficult for any smaller firms to get a look in, and I’ve got to be honest and say that I didn’t know how Nick was going to make it work.

But he did, by analysing very closely what people were looking for and tailoring our Adwords efforts towards them.

It worked! We were competing with the big boys whilst spending a fraction of their budget, and the amount of work we got in was tremendous – we jumped from just a handful of leads and clients a month to 500 leads and 150 clients, every single month, all from our online efforts.

Nick didn’t just work on the lead generation side of things either – he helped us with the client conversion process too, training our team, making our sales calls better and improving our onboarding process to avoid drop-offs due to ‘cooling off’.

Now we don’t buy in any work at all, our pay-per-click efforts do a sterling job, and the large client database that Nick has helped us build has allowed us to increase the amount of work we do by a factor of ten, in just three years.

I’m one extremely satisfied client, and despite the dramatic differences Nick has been able to make in the time we’ve been working together, things are still improving thanks to his guidance and support.

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