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  • Running Law Firm Webinars For Your Clients/Prospects
    Hot Spot (What is a hot spot not? Duff marketing) The Hot Spot is the place to showcase some good or innovative marketing, to help you to ...
  • Pareto’s Law And Law Firm Marketing
    The Most Important Question Ever? I have one client at the moment who is just making me smile and smile every single time I speak with ...
  • How To Guarantee Law Firm Growth
    Pick Of The Pops The 5 Mistakes & Myths That Stop Solicitors From Growing Their Practice Pick of the Pops is a simple list to help you ...
  • Growing Law Firm Guide
    So, you want to grow your law firm and you want to grow fast. How do you do it? In this ‘Growing Law Firm Guide’ ...
  • What Stops You From Creating Your Dream Law Firm
    If your firm is not exactly where you want it to be right now, I have a question for you, what is stopping you from ...
  • Law Firm Marketing Arteries
    What are the essential law firm marketing arteries that every solicitor or lawyer should be using to grow their law firm? Most law firms only need ...
  • The Golden Rules Of Law Firm Marketing
    Looking to attract more of your ideal clients and grow your law firm the easy way? The Golden Rules Of Law Firm Marketing show you ...
  • Best Law Firm Website Design Companies
    What do you need to look for when trying to find the ‘Best law firm website design companies’? What are the essential skills they must ...
  • GMB Legal Services
    One Of The Best Ways For Solicitors To Grow Their Law Firm Is To Make Full Use Of Google My Business (GMB). In this GMB ...
  • Marketing For Solicitors – Knowing Your Marketing DNA
    When it comes to Marketing4Solicitors, you must understand your Marketing DNA before spending any of your precious budget. It is important to fully know your ...
  • How To Land Your Dream Legal Job – Solicitor/Legal Executive/Paralegal
    How To Land Your Dream Job As A Solicitor, Legal Executive, Paralegal Or Legal Adviser… Until 2003 I was a solicitor in full time practice. I ...
  • Blogging For Lawyers
    Blogging For Lawyers / Solicitors – Is It Worth It? Someone suggests that you write a blog to grow your law firm, so you start ...
  • Law Firms SEO: Guide To SEO For Law Firms
    If you want to know more about law firms SEO, see how I took this legal services website from 800 visits per month to 8000 ...
  • Marketing Plan For Business To Business Solicitors
    My marketing plan for business to business solicitors, in its simplest format, to attract their ideal clients consistently, is this: Write articles on your website that ...
  • THE Marketing Strategy For Consultant Solicitors
    My marketing strategy for consultant solicitors is this: Have your own website promoting your services, eg Brenda Kelly, part of ABC Solicitors. Add content to this website ...
  • Fixing The Legal Recruitment Problem For Law Firms
    Solicitors are struggling with legal recruitment at the moment. So, how do you go about fixing the legal recruitment problem for law firms? I have been ...
  • Should My Law Firm Leave Quality Solicitors?
    If your firm is a member of Quality Solicitors, you may well ask this question from time to time, “Should my law firm leave Quality ...
  • How To Improve Client Conversion For Law Firms (Client Intake)
    Looking to improve client intake for your law firm? How do you increase client conversions? How do you turn more of your prospects into new ...
  • Google Adwords (Ads) For Law Firms – Why Is It So Successful?
    When it comes to marketing for law firms to attract new clients, not all marketing tactics are created equal. Some are simply more effective (and ...
  • Freelance Solicitor UK – Becoming One, Winning Clients.
    Are you thinking of becoming a freelance solicitor UK? If you do become a freelance solicitor, how do you set about winning clients so that ...
  • Should My Law Firm Join Review Solicitors?
    If you own a law firm, at some point you will consider the question, “Should my law firm join review solicitors?” As a former solicitor, ...
  • Lead Generation For Law Firms UK
    What Are The Most Effective Methods Of Lead Generation For Law Firms UK? Which Marketing Tactics Should Solicitors Use To Attract New Clients Consistently? When it ...
  • Why Live Chat Is Vital On Solicitors Websites
    My sole purpose in working with solicitors is to make their life easier when it comes to attracting new clients. This is why Live Chat ...
  • Improve Your Law Firm Website Page Loading Speed Instantly
    In this article, I show you how to improve your law firm website page loading speed in around 10 minutes! Website page loading speed is absolutely ...
  • Best Forms Of Marketing For Law Firms | Best Marketing Solicitors
    Which are the best forms of marketing for law firms? Which marketing methods work best for legal businesses and how do you use them to ...
  • Email Marketing For Solicitors | Email Marketing Law Firms
    Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing For Solicitors Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing for solicitors, and is one ...
  • Marketing Conveyancing Services | How To Get Conveyancing Clients
    Free Marketing Conveyancing Services Guide – Including how to sell conveyancing services for whatever price you choose. The conveyancing market hasn’t changed much in recent years ...
  • Family Law Marketing – How To Get Family Law Clients
    Which are the best family law marketing tactics? How do you get family law clients consistently and convert them into family law instructions for a ...
  • Personal Injury Leads & Personal Injury Referrals
    Need More Personal Injury Leads Or Claims Company Referrals? If you would like my free personal injury marketing guide, I am happy to provide it to ...
  • Probate Marketing | Probate Marketing Letters | How To Get Probate Clients
    Probate Marketing Explained – How To Get Probate Clients Whilst some solicitors are struggling to market probate services to generate new clients, others have as many ...
  • How Do Law Firms Get Clients? Free Law Firm Marketing Guide
    Discover the most cost effective, proven methods for law firms to attract new clients. How do law firms get clients? I know it can be a ...
  • Legal Website Design Costs UK | Law Firm Website Design How Much?
    Costs of Legal Website Design For UK Solicitors What are the average or standard costs of a legal website design for a firm of solicitors in ...
  • Understanding Google Analytics For A Law Firm
    If you now know your number (you do, don’t you), then you will now know how many people are finding your website every month. Let’s have ...
  • Using Attraction Based Marketing To Attract More Clients
    “Does my bum look big in this?” From a very early age I was taught by my mother and other women in my family life that ...
  • Why Google Ads Is Better Than The Yellow Pages For Solicitors
    We have been making tea and coffee in the Jervis household for the last week or just as in days of yore; by boiling a ...
  • The Key Principle When Marketing A Law Firm Or Solicitors Practice
    I was watching a Mark Wahlberg film the other day with my family when there was an act of violence that lead to someone’s head ...
  • How To Land Your Dream Legal Job As A Solicitor, Legal Executive, Paralegal UK.
    Are You Looking For A New Dream Legal Job? Are You A Solicitor, Legal Executive (Or Trainee), Paralegal Or Seeking Your First Position In The ...
  • Should You Set Up Your Own Law Firm Or Become A Consultant Solicitor?
    If you have decided that working for someone else is not for you and it is now time to go it alone, the pressing question ...
  • Compare Consultant Solicitor Jobs UK | Find Consultant Solicitor Jobs
    Thinking of becoming a consultancy solicitor? Would you like to know the range of consultancy positions available, including one paying a remarkable 90% to the ...
  • Why Live Chat Works So Well For Law Firms
    There has been no “eat out to help out” scheme for the legal profession, so as we are officially now in recession (what a surprise ...
  • Law Firm Marketing Optimisation For New Clients
    Matthew Pinsent, 4 time Olympic Gold Medal winner, was in the final of Celebrity Masterchef when he was asked how he was coping with the ...
  • Why Law Firm Receptionists Can Ruin Your Marketing Efforts
    I don’t hate a lot. I always remember telling my children not to use that word – it is too strong. My other mind blowing advice as ...
  • Cross Selling Legal Services: Two ways for solicitors to cross sell legal services
    I had my haircut for the first time since lockdown last week. I had it cut twice during lockdown, once when I let my 18 year ...
  • Why Solicitors Must Track Their Key Performance Indicators.
    After ‘outing’ my daughter last week for failing to press her air conditioning button in her car for four years, it’s my turn to admit ...
  • Google Ads For Solicitors = Pushing The New Clients On Button
    I was in the car with my lovely 21 year old daughter the other day. It’s her first car and she has had it for ...
  • Get New Clients For Solicitors By Pressing The Google Ads Button
    I was in the car with my lovely 21 year old daughter the other day. It’s her first car and she has had it for ...
  • How To Tell If Your Law Firm Business Model Is Broken
    I have had quite a few chats with solicitors over the years during which I discover that their business model is broken. They don’t use these ...
  • Solicitors Marketing Badge Of Honour, COLP & COFA
    I recently completed a Zoom meeting for solicitors (over 200) who are clients and contacts of a very smart chap I know who takes care ...
  • Failure To A Terrorist, And A Law Firm Owner, Is Just A Rehearsal For Success
    How do you feel about conspiracy theories? I was talking with a solicitor recently about this dreadful pandemic. We were musing over whether it created intentionally ...
  • Why Solicitors Should Not Be Like Their Law Firm Competitors
    Have you seen your competitor’s activity recently? Have you seen all of their new articles added to their website? Have you seen them regularly posting and commenting ...

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Why Write A Law Firm Marketing Blog?

When a solicitor is looking for a legal marketing consultant to help them grow their law firm, how do they know who is the best one for their needs?

With so many so called ‘legal marketing specialists’ starting up every month, how do they know who actually knows what it takes to grow a law firm?

Well, one thing you can do is to find their legal marketing blog, have a good look around, see if there are more than a handful of blogs, covering a broad range of law firm marketing topics, not just the one marketing tactic that they know something about, and have a good read.

You might also want to see if they have written an Amazon Best Selling Book, with over 70 reviews, which might also suggest that they take their role seriously.

I certainly do.

I work in partnership with my law firm owner clients to help them grow their law firms.

Many of my clients work with me for years, not weeks or months, solely because I continue to help them navigate the growth of their law firm, helping them not only with their marketing, but also recruitment, staff retention, operations and processes; whatever is required to make their lives easier and their law firm growth to happen more expediently.

I hope that you find this legal marketing blog to be helpful.

I hope that it gives you the confidence to discover more about how I can help you to grow your law firm.

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Claire Johnson

Nick is a fountain of knowledge, tried and tested personally. He has that rare gift of not making you feel daft for asking any question. After our consultation I felt far less like a rabbit in the headlights and far more empowered to climb the marketing mountain successfully.

Emerson Scotland

Brilliant, insightful and a great discussion. Nick certainly knows his stuff and makes you feel at ease.

Anthony McCarthy

Nick gives simple and clear advice which makes sense.

In a field full of smoke and mirror merchants he is the real deal.

His book, content and webinars are first class.

Highly recommended.

Tim Bishop

As the owner of a small to medium-sized law firm, I have found that Samson Consulting’s Marketing4Solicitors monthly newsletter has proved absolutely invaluable throughout the last three years or so. Of all the marketing advice I’ve had over the years, this has proved by far the best value – bringing us tens of thousand of pounds of extra work every year.

One of the best tricks Nick Jervis [who owns Samson Consulting] uses, is not only to identify the kind of marketing actions a small or medium-sized business can take themselves, but he also explains why it works and most importantly then takes you through, step-by-step exactly what you need to do. As someone who is passionate about growing my business, I really look forward to receiving Nick’s excellent newsletter every month.

It’s worth pointing out that initially I was sceptical about his promises – so many marketing businesses promise the earth. But within a couple of months I was absolutely convinced he was right and I have been hooked ever since.

I recommend Nick Jervis and Samson Consulting without any hesitation whatsoever.

Mark Shepherd

I have worked with Nick for many years. He is an excellent consultant and helps law firms and businesses attract the clients they are looking for. Highly recommend.