Google Adwords (Ads) For Law Firms – Why Is It So Successful?

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When it comes to marketing for law firms to attract new clients, not all marketing tactics are created equal. Some are simply more effective (and cost effective) and Google Adwords (Google Ads as it is now known) falls well into this category for law firms. I want to explain why Google Adwords works so well, … Read more

Freelance Solicitor UK – Becoming One, Winning Clients.

Are you thinking of becoming a freelance solicitor UK? If you do become a freelance solicitor, how do you set about winning clients so that your freelance solicitor business flourishes? Let’s take a look…. My name is Nick Jervis. I am a former solicitor (1991 – 2003) but have been marketing legal services full time … Read more

Review Solicitors Websites | Joining Review Solicitors Websites

If you own a law firm, at some point you will consider the question, “Should I join review solicitors website?” As a former solicitor, now non-practising, and full time law firm marketing consultant, my answer may surprise you. I am Nick Jervis, a former solicitor and since 2003, full time law firm marketing consultant to … Read more

Lead Generation For Law Firms UK

What Are The Most Effective Methods Of Lead Generation For Law Firms UK? Which Marketing Tactics Should Solicitors Use To Attract New Clients Consistently? When it comes to lead generation for law firms, it is very true that not all methods of lead generation are created equal. I have been marketing legal services since 1991 … Read more

Why Live Chat Is Vital On Solicitors Websites

My sole purpose in working with solicitors is to make their life easier when it comes to attracting new clients. This is why that I consider Live Chat on Solicitors Websites to be absolutely vital, because it delivers more clients to them from their website. The fact that it also does this without any work … Read more

Improve Your Law Firm Website Page Loading Speed Instantly

In this article, I show you how to improve your law firm website page loading speed in around 10 minutes! Website page loading speed is absolutely vital to the success of your law firm website for two reasons. First, it makes your visitors user experience of your website much better, meaning that they are far … Read more

Best Forms Of Marketing For Law Firms | Best Marketing Solicitors

Which are the best forms of marketing for law firms? Which marketing methods work best for legal businesses and how do you use them to attract more clients to your law firm? Who is this advice for? This article, and the formula contained within it, will work for anyone involved in the marketing of law … Read more

Email Marketing For Solicitors | Email Marketing Law Firms

Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing For Solicitors Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing for solicitors, and is one of the four arteries from my book The Law Firm Growth Formula. Let me answer all of your questions and fears about legal email marketing for solicitors…. Why do … Read more

Marketing Conveyancing Services | How To Get Conveyancing Clients

Free Marketing Conveyancing Services Guide – Including how to sell conveyancing services for whatever price you choose. The conveyancing market hasn’t changed much in recent years has it? The work simply falls through the door, every week is busier than the last one and all is good in the property world. More importantly, you can … Read more

Family Law Marketing – How To Get Family Law Clients

Which are the best family law marketing tactics? How do you get family law clients consistently, month after month? Let me show you. I am Nick Jervis. For 14 years I was a solicitor in private practice both running a full caseload whilst also marketing my firm’s legal services. Since 2003 I have been running … Read more