Law Firms SEO: Guide To SEO For Law Firms

If you want to know more about law firms SEO, see how I took this legal services website from 800 visits per month to 8000 visits per month in 8 months. This guide to SEO for law firms is based on a real case study. There is no link building involved and no underhand SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tactics. Just high quality content with one crucial ingredient, quality keyword research.

Let’s Start With The Proof That This Guide To SEO For Law Firms Works….

Having been a solicitor for a number of years before starting my law firm growth consultancy in 2003, I know one thing to be true:

Solicitors can be a sceptical bunch.

And rightly so!

With so many solicitor marketing including SEO companies for law firms selling the holy grail of more people looking to find your website at the precise moment in time that they are looking to buy your legal services, yet delivering zero in returns after several months, you are right to be sceptical.

For my part, I have had so many clients turn to me over the years having spent thousands and tens of thousands on Law Firms SEO but without seeing any tangible results.

The point I make is, I am starting with the proof that the method that I teach law firms to get to the top of Google, actually works.

So, here it is, from December 2021 to August 2022 a rise from 800 visitors a month to 8000 visitors a month:

Law Firms SEO

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Guide To SEO For Law Firms

I think you could say that whatever I was doing worked, would you agree?

You can see different stages of growth, which is exactly what you expect to see with law firms SEO.

It will never be a consistent, steady growth path.

More likely than not you will have some plateaus and maybe even some months where your SEO efforts don’t quite work, whether due to seasonality (I know from tracking many law firm websites since 2003 when I started my lw firm growth consultancy that August and December are usually quieter months for legal services businesses) or a change in Google Algorithms.

However, if you are following an ethical SEO marketing strategy (by which I mean not just buying cheap links back to your website but instead adding high quality, unique content), you will see growth and some months, as in my August 2022, some very sharp growth months.

I like the stages of growth from my SEO efforts:

  • 1,600 sessions in January and February (a new high from my previous best of 1,200);
  • A plateau from May to July of just over 4,000; and
  • My record of over 8,000 in August 2022.

The thing is, I know that many solicitors would have given up on their law firm SEO at the 4,000 plateau point.

I know this from experience.

I also know from my many years of being a law firm marketing consultant that CONSISTENCY is the greatest weapon when it comes to growing a law firm.

So many law firm owners give up before their efforts bear fruit, just before the moment of success which is sure to follow when you consistently market your law firm are rewarded with increased client instructions:

  • They stop spending on their Legal PPC campaign three months in, just before it starts to produce consistent results in terms of new client enquiries and instructions.
  • They give up on their email marketing because one person complained, despite many others on the verge of asking how they could discover more about Lasting Powers of Attorney/ Wills/ their business to business legal services.
  • They stop adding content to their website just before they leave their current plateau of website visitor numbers and jump to the next level.

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