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If you are thinking of selling a law firmfirm, you are in the right place if you are looking to achieve the maximum value for your solicitors practice.

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I am a law firm marketing specialist, so when you ask me to help you to sell your legal practice, you do not receive a ‘one size fits all’ service that solely focuses on a sale at any price.

Instead, I will review your firm and advise you how to increase the value and the proposition to make your law firm far more attractive to potential purchasers.

I will outline a variety of choices and timescales depending on your own needs, and then focus on ensuring that your law firm is seen by the right solicitors.

Your Law Firm Value Maximiser

First things first, how do you get the best value for your law firm?

How do you ensure that you receive the right multiple for your firm after all of these hard years of work?

Well, the good news is that the first contact with me is completely confidential, free of charge and without obligation.

It allows me to explain the core reasons that one firm might attract a multiple of only one times their turnover, whilst another receives a multiple of 10 times their turnover.

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