Improve Your Law Firm Website Page Loading Speed Instantly

In this article, I show you how to improve your law firm website page loading speed in around 10 minutes!

Website page loading speed is absolutely vital to the success of your law firm website for two reasons. First, it makes your visitors user experience of your website much better, meaning that they are far more likely to stay on your website and make contact with you. Second, Google uses website page loading speed as a factor in deciding to rank you in the organic search results.

First, let me show you how my page speed was doing before I made the change I am going to share with you:

Improve Your Law Firm Website Page Loading Speed Instantly

Now I review many websites with poor page load speeds, so if you haven’t done this before, you might think that 45/100 is a terrible speed for my website to load on a mobile device. It isn’t great, but I regularly see websites with a speed of less than 10/100.

However, I still desperately wanted to improve it, so I spent just 10 minutes installing a plugin to make my site load faster and this was the result:

Improve Your Solicitors Website Page Loading Speed Instantly

I have highlighted the time and date in the bottom right corner, so you will see it shows a time gap of 26 minutes, but that included making a lovely cup of coffee and having a chat with my lovely wife.

So in only 10 minutes I managed to increase my mobile website page loading speed by 34 points from 45/100 to 79/100!

I think you will agree that is a dramatic improvement.

What did I do to improve my website page load speed?

I installed a plugin. It is a paid plugin but the price is absolutely nominal when you consider how much faster my mobile site is now loading for my visitors.

It has hundreds of five star reviews and having now installed it I can absolutely see why.

My only advice is that before you rush off and install it yourself, make sure you follow good practice and back up your website first (as you should whenever you install any new plugin).

I had no issues setting it up across my sites, but just in case, back up your site first.

Then, when that is done, go here to buy and download the Zip file licence for your website. You can buy the plugin for one site, three sites or unlimited depending on your needs. You can always test one but I bought three as I knew it was going to improve my sites.

Click here to buy and download WP Rocket:>>

Below is the set up process that I followed as I installed my plugin (or you can just let WP Rocket set all of its standard settings and you will still see a dramatic improvement in your website page load speed.

Setting up WP Rocket to increase your website page load speed

Once you have purchased WP Rocket go to Plugins/Upload and upload your plugin from your zip folder.

Then head to plugins/WP Rocket/Settings and select “Cache” from the left menu. Then select the settings shown in the image below:

How To Set Up WP Rocket To Improve Website Page Loading Speeds

Then head to File Optimisation and apply these settings:

How To Set Up WP Rocket To Improve Website Page Loading Speeds

Then let’s get that media optimised (always a big problem with website page loading speed:

How To Set Up WP Rocket To Improve Website Page Loading Speeds

Next, select Preloading and apply the setting below:

How To Set Up WP Rocket To Improve Website Page Loading Speeds

Finally, let’s clear up those comments (often spam from experience).

Head to Database then apply these settings:

How To Set Up WP Rocket To Improve Website Page Loading Speeds

Now you know what to do, here is the plugin: WP Rocket:>>

Michael Birch

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This has allowed me to start the next phase; organising the practice to ensure a better lifestyle balance for all of us, whilst we continue to grow.

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