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Costs of Legal Website Design For UK Solicitors

Costs of Legal Website Design For UK SolicitorsWhat are the average or standard costs of a legal website design for a firm of solicitors in the UK? What are the associated costs of legal website design and, perhaps more importantly, what are the hidden legal costs? This article aims to give you a breakdown in each of these areas, along with advice on how you can keep the costs down when requesting a quote for a legal website design.

Advice On The Costs Of Legal Website Design By Nick Jervis

Nick Jervis, Solicitor )(non-practising) and author of the The Law Firm Growth Formula.

First, just so you know this is an impartial review, whilst I am a legal marketing consultant I do not offer legal website design services. However, I do work with a lot of my law firm owner clients to help them create their own websites, so I know this sector very well.

My purpose with this article is to save you some time, money and stress and to ensure that you obtain a legal website design that is fit for purpose; namely one that will attract new clients to your law firm.

1. Domain Names

If you already have your domain name, eg, then you can move to part 2.

If you do not yet have a domain name, it is important that you secure this yourself first. I advise you to secure it so that it is not tied to your legal website design company. This way, should you ever fall out with them (which sadly frequently does happen) you are in control of pointing your domain name to any new website that you create.

The cost of a domain name varies from provider to provider but start from around £10 per annum, so this part of the process certainly won’t break the bank.

You can search for and secure a domain name here: //

2. Keeping Your Legal Website Design Costs Down

What usually happens when it comes to obtaining a new legal website design is this:

This is the way that most new legal website design projects are completed and it makes the process far more time consuming and more importantly, dramatically increases the price too.

It is not the process you should follow.

Instead, my advice is that you follow this process which will lead to a fixed price for your legal website design which does not increase and a much faster and smoother project:

3.The Content Management Software For Your Legal Website Design.

The content management software is what allows you to edit the content on your website. There are several options and you need to be very wary of some of them:

My Legal Website Design Guide For You

I have prepared the Legal Website Design guide to literally make the process as straightforward as possible for you. It can save you thousands of pounds in obtaining the wrong website design and in lost fee earning time. The solicitor website design guide will tell you the following:

Click Here To Download The Legal Website Design Guide:>>

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