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Hot Spot

(What is a hot spot not? Duff marketing)

The Hot Spot is the place to showcase some good or innovative marketing, to help you to think outside the box for your own benefit. If you have had any success with a marketing campaign, or you have seen a good campaign run by someone else, please send it to me on so that I can include it in this section.

When was the last time you ran a webinar for your clients and prospects?

When Was The Last Time That You Ran A Physical Face To Face Seminar?

When was the last time that you sent something in the post to your hot prospects and clients?

Email becomes less effective due to the sheer volume of it that we all receive now, whereas on the flip side we all receive substantially less in the post than we did some years ago. This creates an exciting opportunity for you to stand out from your competition.

Peninsula are one of the new competitors for people providing employment law services. They provide a packaged, fixed price monthly service covering employment law issues, Human Resources and now I note from their website also Health & Safety issues.

For a fixed price they provide the following ‘peace of mind’ service:

“Peninsula is the leading provider of employment law and health & safety services in the UK. Some of Peninsula’s 30,000 clients have Peninsula run every aspect of their HR, employment law or health & safety, from implementing contracts and documentation to managing redundancies and representing them at tribunal. Others feel secured by our 24 hour advice service and the insurance against legal costs that employee issues can bring.”

People generally either pay to get away from a current problem or to avoid the problem ever arising in the first place. Peninsula are in the first category, although I would hazard a guess that a lot of people first use them when they have an employment or HR issue which needs sorting out quickly.
So, it was with interest that I received this invitation in the post from Peninsula to attend a face to face event at a nearby hotel.

Here is the mailing I received in the post:


Notice that nowhere during the direct mail invitation are Pensinula’s services promoted or even mentioned. The invitation is all about encouraging me to attend the event as a business owner. Peninsula are pitching to their ideal clients and covering topics which I am sure will resonate with most of their audience.

One of them stands out particularly to me:

“Managing and improving employee behaviour such as performance, attitude and attendance.”

I wonder if they read my Extreme Close Up this month?

I wanted to show this direct mail piece to you for two reasons:

  • To make you think about how (not if) you can use Direct Mail marketing to generate new clients or new referrers of clients; and
  • To help you to think about the fact that writing to your clients should not always be about your services, but should also cover the issues that affect your clients on a day to day basis that are linked to the services that you provide.

For the latter point, please remember that you do not have to provide the talk or create the webinar. You can bring in an expert if it is not related to your area of expertise. You gain the goodwill from putting this person in front of your clients, whilst the expert is happy to be put in front of future potential clients.

How Could You Use This Tactic For Your Practice?

Here are some ideas to get you started.


Topic: How to sell your property for the maximum price possible and to move quickly.

Expert: Property makeover specialist.

Employment Law

Topic: How to hire staff without paying huge recruitment fees.

Expert: Online recruitment website

Business Law

Topic: How to build your business for a successful sale

Expert: Business sale broker

Commercial Property

Topic: Renting or buying your next office premises

Expert: Commercial agent.


Getting something in the post to your hottest prospect is a smart idea.

Teaming up with an expert who already has your potential future clients and presenting something with them has the potential to double the power of your efforts.

How can you use this to promote your practice this month?

I am happy to discuss your ideas in the Marketing4Solicitors LinkedIn Group if you would like to bound them off me.

Case Study

One Partner Law Firm Changes Direction

We’ve been working with Nick about 10 years and throughout this time I have always valued his expertise.

When we first made contact with Nick we had been recommended to get in touch with him by another solicitor to “give us a hand with marketing”.

At that time we were focusing on personal injury work, but we had already decided to enter the medical negligence market.

Obviously breaking into a new market takes time and we still needed the income that came from the personal injury work to finance this going forward.

Nick put together a high conversion website which meant we had all the personal injury work that we needed allowing us to build the medical negligence side of things up gradually.

Now we specialise exclusively in medical negligence. Nick has been part of that growth in terms of strategy and the use of Google Adwords to generate good quality leads.

As part of that, he helped us with the entire website build, making it very marketing focused and it has worked extremely well.

As a result our firm has gone from strength to strength, more than doubling fee earing staff and turnover.

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