How To Land Your Dream Legal Job – Solicitor/Legal Executive/Paralegal

How To Land Your Dream Job As A Solicitor, Legal Executive, Paralegal Or Legal Adviser…

Until 2003 I was a solicitor in full time practice. I started my legal career as a trainee legal executive. From year two I ran a full client case load at the same time as undergoing first distance learning to qualify as a Legal Executive before then moving on to qualify as a solicitor, undergoing two years part time study at Guildford College Of Law.

My first job as a trainee legal executive I obtained not through a recruitment company, but by handwriting 63 letters (yes, I remember the number very well). From those 63 letters I received one interview and was offered the job. After accepting the offer I received further offers for interview, but I had accepted the first offer by then.

In my legal career of 14 years I applied to four more law firms (once I had qualified as a solicitor) and I received four offers of employment.

In each occasion I did not use a recruitment company.

I was offered partnership by one of my firms but left with a view to setting up my law firm marketing consultancy, which I did in 2003.

I know what it takes to land your dream legal job – I obtained mine several times and since then I have helped several friends in the legal world obtain their dream job.

I have even helped friends land non-legal dream jobs.

Can I help you too?

Further Learnings For Landing Dream Legal Jobs From Working With Law Firms

Since 2003 I have worked with hundreds of law firm owners to grow their businesses. I used to think that was all that I had to do being a law firm marketing consultant. However, I have learned over the years that nothing gets in the way of growing a law firm more than not being able to find the right legal team, so I have spent a lot of time working with my clients to help them grow and retain their teams too.

I know the frustrations law firm owners feel when trying to recruit new team members.

This knowledge, coupled with my own experience of applying for and landing my own dream legal jobs, plus my understanding of what law firm owners are looking for I believe puts me in a completely unique position to help you to land your dream legal job too.

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    Iain MacDonald

    Excellent consultation very practical and straight forward planning, positively and optimistically reimagining a small law firms prospects.

    Anthony McCarthy

    Nick gives simple and clear advice which makes sense.

    In a field full of smoke and mirror merchants he is the real deal.

    His book, content and webinars are first class.

    Highly recommended.

    Michael Birch

    Less than a year ago I asked Nick to help me grow our practice by making the telephone ring.

    He’s certainly done that and much more.

    The improvements are incredible and Nick has guided me through the many challenges of scaling up, not least the need for a client focused approach.

    This has allowed me to start the next phase; organising the practice to ensure a better lifestyle balance for all of us, whilst we continue to grow.

    Chris Carter

    Nick has for a long time now been the go to Legal Marketing Expert offering game changing advice in a no-nonsense way.

    As well as knowing what works, he will also make sure you don’t waste valuable time on initiatives that aren’t destined to chime.

    Approachable, friendly and fun to deal with he will always make sure you are travelling in the right direction and on the road to success.

    Can’t recommend enough!

    Chris Rennie

    Nick takes a no-nonsense approach, cuts the fluff and gets straight to the point – which is an approach that you see very little nowadays in the world of marketing where you have many gurus with complex approach that most probably never work. I look forward to working with Nick.