Why Google Ads Is Better Than The Yellow Pages For Solicitors

We have been making tea and coffee in the Jervis household for the last week or just as in days of yore; by boiling a saucepan on the stove.

I have used up several more minutes (maybe even an hour or two) of my life boiling water this way.Why Google Ads Is Better Than The Yellow Pages For Solicitors
It is not an efficient use of my time, but our kettle has gone back for assessment and repair or replacement to the manufacturer. It was out of warranty but they still wanted to fix it for us; that is good customer service.

I wouldn’t usually persevere but it’s a great kettle without any plastic whatsoever, so the tea does taste better. It’s an Ottoni Fabrica Italian Kettle if you would like to know…

Another blast from the past was receiving a postcard from some friends after a lovely weekend together recently.

Some things from the past are lovely (the postcard), some are not (the boiling water on the stove).

In days of Yore, most solicitors used to spend thousands every year on the Yellow Pages. They could never tell if it worked but were bullied into bigger and bigger ads each year by the sales team.

In the new world, much like the kettle, you can win clients faster and you can track a return on investment by using Google Ads.

If you are already running Google Ads, I am pretty confident I can turn your slow boiling pan of water into a fast boiling kettle.

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