Using Attraction Based Marketing To Attract More Clients

“Does my bum look big in this?”

From a very early age I was taught by my mother and other women in my family life that the answer was a very firm “NO” whenever this question was asked.

This continued with girlfriends and then my wife, Emma.

On a family walk recently Emma was walking behind my son’s girlfriend.

She made a reference to her bottom and Emma, being from the same generation, quickly jumped in with the appropriate response “No, it doesn’t look big at all Lizzie”.

“Oh no, came the response, really?” She sounded very disappointed, which surprised us both.

Apparently there has been a complete shift in position.

These days, if you don’t have a large, shapely bottom you are missing out!

Who knew?Using Attraction Based Marketing To Attract More Clients

Luckily, for you, when it comes to attracting new clients, there really is very little that changes.

If you stick to ‘attraction based marketing’, that is appearing in front of your prospects when they are searching for your services, you will attract clients consistently at a reasonable price.

If you use the other, less successful, more scattergun, more expensive ‘interruption based marketing’ methods where you fire your message at people who are not looking for your services (social media being a prime example), then life can be a lot harder for you. You have to interrupt the people having a chat about bottom sizes for a start…

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