The Key Principle When Marketing A Law Firm Or Solicitors Practice

I was watching a Mark Wahlberg film the other day with my family when there was an act of violence that lead to someone’s head departing their body.

Never one to miss an opportunity to parent, I mentioned to my daughter that this is something that she should never do.

Having the same ‘genius’ sense of humour that I do, she responded with “Oh, now you tell me – oops.”

That’s the level of humour in the Jervis household; amazing isn’t it?The Key Principle When Marketing A Law Firm Or Solicitors Practice

The reason I am sharing this with you though is that it led me on to think about the business and marketing lesson contained in this silly little conversation.

I haven’t taught Megan not to decapitate people, but I have taught her to be kind to people and that violence is usually not the answer, so she knew decapitation wasn’t really on the cards.

If you teach or learn the principle for anything in life, you can make a lot of decisions from that moment forwards.

The principle I teach all of my clients when it comes to attracting new instructions to their law firm is this:

“Appear in front of your ideal clients at the precise moment in time that they are ACTIVELY looking for your services.”

The emphasis is on actively looking.

Let’s look at this principle in practice.

Do you think that the following examples are times when your advertisement for your services meets this test:

  • Harriet is reading a newspaper and sees your advertisement for business to business services.
  • Whilst browsing her facebook feed, Martha sees your advertisement for personal injury services.
  • Whilst walking to work Patrick sees your firm name splattered across the back of a double decker bus?

Was Harriet, Martha or Patrick actively looking for a solicitor?

No, they were not.

They had no interest in finding your services, just like the other thousands of people that saw the same advertisements, which means that they are going to be far less effective than other forms of marketing.

Contrast this with these situations:

  • Martha is moving house. She asks her removal company if they know a solicitor and they recommend one to her.
  • Patrick wants to start a new business. He heads to Google, types in solicitor to help start a business, sees your Google Ads advertisement, clicks it and calls your firm.
  • Harriet wants to make a Will. She asks a friend if she knows any solicitors. Her friend explains that she receives an email from the firm she used to make a Will every month. She searches her inbox, finds the latest email and forwards it on to Harriet.

Know the principle and you will save a lot of money on the wrong types of marketing.

“Appear in front of your ideal clients at the precise moment in time that they are ACTIVELY looking for your services.”

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Case Study

From biggest fee earner to no fee earning whilst doubling turnover

I’d been looking for somebody to help me with marketing for a while, and I came across Nick on Google.

That was three years ago, and in that time it’s fair to say that he’s had a massive impact on my business, and my life as a result.

In the early days, my goal was simple and specific: increase the turnover of the business so that I could take more money out of the business.

I had an amount in mind, and I expected it to take years to get there, but when I achieved it in just six months, it began to dawn on me that this guy really knew what he was talking about.

As a result of that early success, and with Nick’s help, I realised that my expectations were too low, and what I could actually achieve, with the right thinking and guidance, was far beyond what I’d ever imagined.

What Nick saw – and what he made me see – was that my business had fantastic potential, but to realise that potential, things needed to change.

Even before Nick got involved, we were getting a decent volume of leads, but it was what was happening to the leads that was the problem.

We weren’t tracking them, there was no process in place and to top it all off, we didn’t have a clear pricing structure, which meant that we were nowhere near as profitable as we could be.

And that’s where Nick came into his own. He built us a bespoke lead generation and sales process, and the results were staggering.

We pretty much doubled our turnover, allowing me to build a four-person sales and marketing team that gets us more leads and more sales.

Of course, Nick’s Google Adwords expertise has been a key part of our growth, and today it’s a hugely profitable marketing pillar for us.

But regardless of the medias or mechanisms we’ve used to grow over the last three years, it’s been Nick’s rock solid marketing plan that underpins it all.

He’s stopped me trying this and that, and got me to focus on the things that’ll have the biggest impact on the business.

And I think there’s a lot more to come – we still haven’t implemented everything that Nick has given us to do, and when we do, I reckon we’ve got around another £250,000 of revenue per year to add to our figures.

And it’s not just the business that’s seen a transformation – it’s been a personal transformation too.

When Nick first got involved, I was the biggest fee earner, and consequently I was reluctant to stop getting involved in cases.

Nick eventually made me see that if I was serious about growing this business, that needed to change and as time has gone on I’ve taken on less and less work – now I don’t do any of it.

And I only wish I’d done it earlier, because the result has been me having more time to build the business, and spending time with the people that are important to me.

Not only that, but the business is stronger, because it’s much less dependent on me.

Nick was right about that one, as he has been about pretty much everything else – it pains me to say it, but it’s true!

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