Law Firm Marketing Optimisation For New Clients

Matthew Pinsent, 4 time Olympic Gold Medal winner, was in the final of Celebrity Masterchef when he was asked how he was coping with the pressure.

“Process over product” he answered.

A sports psychologist trained him and his team to focus on the process of rowing to win a race, rather than winning the race itself. If they followed the correct processes, the product (the result) would take care of itself.

It resonated with me because it is precisely the same with marketing.

Focus on the correct processes, and the winning new clients part takes care of itself.

With referral marketing, if your LinkedIn profile is optimised to attract your ideal clients or referral partners, you add new connections every day (takes moments) and then post once a week, you will generate new referrals and instructions easily.

With email marketing, if you set up your software correctly, add people consistently to your email list,Law Firm Marketing Optimisation For New Clients send an email which is simple, friendly and informative consistently, the referrals and enquiries will follow.

With your website, so long as it is responsive (absolutely vital with Google these days), has good content which answers your ideal clients’ questions, is optimised for both mobile websites and desktops (mobile first these days as more people will be visiting your website from a mobile than a desktop – I know this from looking at Google Analytics for hundreds of law firms) and has good calls to action, it will deliver new clients to you.

With Google Ads, if you focus on ensuring you are targeting the correct keywords (search terms), constantly rewrite your worst performing advertisement to attempt to beat the best performer (the control), improve your landing pages (one of the most important areas to work on), you will make your telephone ring – A LOT!

If you are using all four of these marketing tactics, you will have as many clients as you can handle, so long as you have optimised each aspect of them.

If you are not using all of them, or using them but your telephone is not ringing off the hook with new enquiries, you need to improve them.

I have training showing you precisely how to use and improve them for you:

  • LinkedIn. How to write the perfect profile to attract ideal clients and referrers. How to find new connections and connect with them easily and how to post consistently to generate new enquiries (it does not involve immediately personally messaging new connections which sends most people cold).
  • Email marketing. The complete set up and send email marketing, including how to never get stuck with the dreaded “What shall I write about” problem.
  • Website Lead Generation. How to set up your website correctly, how to optimise it so that mobile visitors have the best experience and can easily contact you upon arrival and how to write content that answers your ideal prospects questions in order to attract more visitors to it every month.
  • Google Ads. How to start a campaign from scratch, or how to optimise an existing campaign so that it brings more clients to you.

You can access all of this training immediately and I will even show you where you should start to gain the fastest results in terms of new client acquisition.

You can even dive straight into the One Month New Client Sprint if you need some new clients quickly.
If you want me to guide you one to one, mentoring is available too.

If you need more clients, Marketing4Solicitors membership shows you precisely how to attract them.
Join me today to gain access to all of the processes you need that will provide you with all of the new clients that you want.

Then you can claim your gold medal (or at least maybe buy yourself some gold with your extra profits).

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