Failure To A Terrorist, And A Law Firm Owner, Is Just A Rehearsal For Success

How do you feel about conspiracy theories?

I was talking with a solicitor recently about this dreadful pandemic. We were musing over whether it created intentionally in a chemical laboratory for whatever reason or by a complete fluke of nature; a mistake?

We all hope it was the latter and will probably (thankfully) never know if it was the former. That’s the Failure To A Terrorist, And A Law Firm Owner, Is Just A Rehearsal For Successbeauty of conspiracy theories, you don’t need to know the truth, just enough to spin a yarn that some believe in to gather a following*.

In one of the Mission Impossible films, Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt) is talking with his team about the latest attempt by a terrorist to wreak havoc on the world which went wrong.

His team are happy about this fact, but Cruise isn’t. He admonishes them with the line:

“Failure to a terrorist is just a rehearsal for success.”

As lines in a film go, I have always found that to be a very powerful line.

What I particularly like about it is that it is a transferable line.

It can, and should, be used by law firm owners as much as terrorists.

If you apply the two key traits contained in that line to your firm, you are destined for success.

What are the two traits?

1. You do not always succeed with your marketing or your growth plan at the first attempt. However, you know that failure is a part of your path to success. Each time you try something and it doesn’t work, learn from it, refine it, do it again and get closer to making it work. Failure is just a rehearsal for success. When you couple this with the second trait you will ultimately succeed.

2. Commitment to succeed. When you make the decision that you will reach whatever growth goals you set yourself, no matter how many times obstacles or life events get in your way, you will get there. You can’t fail.

Who knew that Tom Cruise was a marketing man?

Failure with any aspect of your marketing should absolutely be treated as a stepping stone to success, not the final stone in a path leading to a brick wall.

Who is with me (and Tom if he must be in on this – he always likes to get in on my action)?

* Google “Flat earth society” if you would like some entertainment – who knew!

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