Why Solicitors Should Not Be Like Their Law Firm Competitors

Have you seen your competitor’s activity recently?

Have you seen all of their new articles added to their website?

Have you seen them regularly posting and commenting on posts on LinkedIn?

Have you seen that really funny story that they put out to the press last week?

No, neither have I!Why Solicitors Should Not Be Like Their Law Firm Competitors

What do I mean?

Well, what I mean is that the majority of your competitors have completely disappeared during this pandemic.

They have been paralysed into inactivity, leaving a significant gap in your legal services niche or in your local area.

If your competitors aren’t talking to their clients, it leaves a gap there for you to do so.

It leaves you with the chance to be a ‘thought leader’ to your niche or local market, and impart your views on what people or businesses should be doing right now so that they get through this pandemic AND come out of the other side of it stronger.

Are you taking this chance?

Are you sending a weekly email to your email list?

Are you adding this article to your website and forwarding it to your local or niche press?

Now, perhaps more than ever, the media are looking for interesting angles on the current situation or any more lighthearted news stories.

Are you building your network on LinkedIn so that when you post this article on your website, you also mention it on LinkedIn and include a link to it for people to discover more?

Don’t be like your competition.

Be better than them and when the world starts turning even just a little bit faster, you will come out of the blocks like Usain Bolt before he tore his hamstring!

On the LinkedIn point, I have seen a lot more activity, comments, shares and support on this platform recently, possibly because people have more time to look at it.

If you do not feel your profile is quite up to scratch, or you do not know how to find your ideal clients and connect with them so that they can see all these weekly posts that you will now be adding (you will, won’t you?), there is full training on this inside Marketing4Solicitors which you can join right now.


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