Daniel Craig, Skyfall And Maverick Law Firm Marketing Solicitors

It has been almost impossible to avoid the hype surrounding the latest instalment of the James Bond Franchise – Skyfall.

Every review seems to have been overwhelmingly positive, with many stating that it is Daniel Craig’s best Bond film of his three, if not the best Bond film ever.

So when I went to watch it with my family over half term, I was as excited as my children. My wife was excited in a different, a ‘just happy to see Daniel Craig on screen’, kind of way.

I was thoroughly disappointed with the film. For me there was not enough action, too much over production (Sam Mendes seems to love pausing on Daniel Craig’s face as much as my wife) and it just missed the tension that you expect from a Bond film. According to the press and people I speak with, I am definitely in the minority in feeling this way, but it was a real let down for me.

If you read the Law Society Gazette or any of the legal publications at the moment, unlike the hype around Skyfall, the general coverage about the future of independent law firms is generally very bleak.

Solicitors are struggling, practices are closing and there is a constant threat of new entrants to the legal services market. As much as the Skyfall coverage is constantly glowing and full of praise, the coverage in the legal press about the future of independant law firms is negative and miserable.

However, I am lucky. I work with the independant solicitors who go against this trend. They don’t like Skyfall, and they also don’t accept that the future of their law firm is in danger.

They take positive law firm marketing action on a regular basis to market their practice and to generate new client instructions. They see amazing results. Whilst many around them are struggling and operating under a banner of ‘fear’, they and a minority of others realise that their future is in their hands, and they can change the expected results portrayed in the Gazette.

Are you one of these Maverick solicitors too? Do you already take positive action to market your practice and see some results, but believe the results could be better with a little expert help and guidance?

Are you spending time and money on the marketing of your law firm, but think that there are probably one or two elements which, if improved, would give you a marked jump in the number of new client instructions?

Do you want to start 2013 even further ahead of your competitors by having more automated marketing systems in place that produce new client instructions with or without your daily input?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be one of the 10 firms I will be personally working with for 90 days starting in the next few days (6 spaces remain as four places have already been reserved after my announcement of the 90 day programme yesterday).

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