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How on earth did this happen?!

Yesterday I was going about my business as usual, then just a few hours later, or so it seems, yesterday is 18 years ago. How on earth did that happen?

Time Flies When It Comes To Your Law Firm Growth
My (now) 18 year old daughter

What am I talking about?

My daughter is 18 today and in equal measures it both excites me and it terrifies me. It feels like only yesterday that I was at the hospital holding her in my arms (to be fair I was actually prizing her away from worryingly incompetent hospital staff, but that is another matter).

It excites me because I am very excited for her. She can’t wait to be an ‘adult’ (I will ask her how it feels as I am still waiting too). She’s looking forward to completing her ‘A’ levels, going to university and enjoying life. There’s so much for her to look forward to.

It terrifies me from my perspective because I cannot understand how those 18 years have passed by so quickly.

When she was born I was a practising solicitor, yet within 4 years I had left the law and set up my consultancy, which has now been running for 14 years this July.

Tempus really does fugit.

This applies to your personal life and especially to your business life.

What are you ‘planning to do’ to make your business a success that just hasn’t happened yet because you haven’t ‘got round to it’?

What excuses are you making?

If you’re not careful, one day you’ll wake up, and you’ll be five or ten years older with the same turnover, the same backbreaking hours and the same dreams for your law firm growth. Trouble is, they’ll seem even more daunting than they do right now, and if nothing’s changed, you won’t be any closer to reaching them.

Is it time to take action? Can you use my terrifying experience as a wakeup call for you to take action? I hope so, as then my grey hairs will all be worthwhile.

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Anyway, I better run: I’m taking my daughter out for an expensive steak meal tonight. I know it will be expensive because she chose the restaurant. She is well worth it though!

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