I think I can still ignore social media as it is simply not relevant to law firms…

I received a great email from a solicitor recently which I think you will find interesting. The email asked me one question:

"I think I can still ignore social media as it is simply not relevant to law firms, do you agree?"

Here is my very short answer:


Why? Social media is here to stay and should very much be a part of your Profit FlowCast (a small or a large part is completely at your discretion – but I strongly advise against ignoring it).

Forget the tag “Social Media” and instead think about what it actually is. Social Media is just a way of communicating. You can communicate with fellow business owners, your staff, your future staff, and more importantly your clients.

What is marketing? Marketing is about putting yourself in front of people who may now or in the future want to use your services.

Guess what? Your clients now and in the future are using Social Media. They are on Twitter and they are on Facebook and LinkedIn.

If they are there, you absolutely have to be there too. Why would you miss an opportunity to put yourself in front of your prospective clients, to remind them of your existence and to give yourself a chance of winning their business?

You only have to watch the advertisements on television now to realise how much emphasis the big players are putting on Social Media. Practically every other advertisement refers to their facebook listing or twitter profile. If the big players are doing this it is because they are measuring a return on investment and realising that it is working. They also understand that this is where their clients are spending time, so they absolutely must keep putting themselves in front of their clients.

There is another and perhaps more important benefit too; that is that Google likes to see real businesses with a social media presence. It is another way for them to check whether you are a real law firm, or someone who has just set up a website to try and generate leads.

You should be using Social Media in the marketing of your law firm (and I gave you 8 ways to do this yesterday in my blog).

For even more ways to market your law firm, see my free guide below:

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Legal Marketing

Carl Atkinson

I have enjoyed working with Nick over the past couple of years and his advice has helped me manage and improve the marketing of my business.

Nick has provided many helpful and practical suggestions to improve my marketing strategy and I am happy to recommend his services.

Chris Rennie

Nick takes a no-nonsense approach, cuts the fluff and gets straight to the point – which is an approach that you see very little nowadays in the world of marketing where you have many gurus with complex approach that most probably never work. I look forward to working with Nick.

Iain MacDonald

Excellent consultation very practical and straight forward planning, positively and optimistically reimagining a small law firms prospects.

Anthony McCarthy

Nick gives simple and clear advice which makes sense.

In a field full of smoke and mirror merchants he is the real deal.

His book, content and webinars are first class.

Highly recommended.

Tim Weir

Having implemented a raft of improvements to our website and marketing campaigns suggested in Nick’s excellent books, I decided to contact the man himself for a one-to-one discussion.

The thirty minutes spent with Nick on that video call provided me with more business improvement tools than I could’ve hoped for. Nick even took the time to give me some insights on client conversion particular to our area of practice.

Online reviews are often brimming with trite phrases and hyperbole, but I cannot find any other way of saying that my only regret is that I didn’t contact Samson Consulting sooner.