The Recent Flooding Makes You Think!

The recent flooding shown on television and across all media platforms has been quite horrific. I don’t think you can get used to seeing people’s homes being several feet under water, and whilst the man rowing up the High Street draws a wry smile, you can’t get away from the severity and impact on the lives of those involved. It will take months or years for them to rebuild their lives, and for some of them sadly that is just not an option anymore. This is not in any way a trivial problem.

I don’t know about you, but I notice as I get older that I see more and more “not trivial problems”. Whether they relate to my ageing parent’s health, other family medical issues and challenges or everything that goes on in and around the workplace, these matters all take their toll. We all have to deal with them, and this can distract us from our main daily purpose of maintaining and hopefully growing our businesses.

Now you cannot stop these matters from happening, any more than the environment agency seems able to stop the floods, but you definitely can stop the impact that your time away from the office, or time in the office dealing with these ‘other matters’, has on the success of your business, and indeed you have a duty to do so, as we all do as business owners.

We have a duty to our staff, to our partners, to our spouses (sometimes one and the same), clients and suppliers, our children and most importantly to ourselves.

So if we know that there are always going to be ‘challenges’ and ‘problems’ which can derail us from the task of running a successful business, shouldn’t we do all that we can to ensure that our business can run as smoothly as possible with or without us at the helm? I say ‘we’ because the business I run is no different from your own. I run a business selling my expertise, just as you do. If enough people do not engage me, I will struggle just as much as you will if you do not have enough clients to help with your skills.

So shouldn’t we put in place systems to ensure that whether you or I are physically in our business, it is still being promoted to our target audience, and still bringing a steady stream of leads in? That way, in your case, your team is kept busy even without you there to ensure that that is the case! That would be a good position to be in wouldn’t it?

Therefore, automating your marketing so that it happens with or without you and so that you always have a steady stream of new clients coming to your law firm is a key part of your role.

I would say it is THE pivotal part of your role.

Whilst you originally trained in the law (and I have no doubt that you are now excellent at the provision of your legal services) unless or until you master the art of automated marketing to deliver new clients to you on a regular basis, the problems mentioned above can bring you down at a moment’s notice.

What could become a key to your future success when you automate it (your marketing), could be an extra one of those potential problems at some point in the future? But it absolutely does not have to be, and it really should not be. You can completely automate all aspects of your marketing so that they work with or without you. If you are interested in finding out how, I am happy to spend 20 minutes on the telephone with you discussing this in more detail.

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