Number Of Law Firms In The UK 2012

Every year the Law Society publishes its survey results detailing the number of law firms still braving the big world legal services world out there.

Despite all of the usual doom and gloom, the figure for the survey taken at 31 July 2010 is 10,413, a slight increase on 2009.

For my part, this is not really a surprise. I am constantly approached by solicitors looking to set up a new law firm, and many of them are incredibly optimistic. I think they have good reason to be too.

I work with independent law firms across the UK, and all of them are thriving. They grow year on year. They are profitable. They provide an excellent service. Clients like them, and return to use their services again and again, because they all have at least a monthly email legal newsletter which goes out to their growing client database.

The number of law firms in the UK has risen again, and I see no reason why it shouldn’t continue to do so for years to come, if the business owner understands that their legal marketing skills are as important as their legal services skills (if not more), they will attract as many new clients as they need to be profitable.

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